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Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance

Main benefits

  • Emergency Medical and Dental
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Meals and Accommodation 
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Covers Sides-trips Outside Canada*
  • No Deductibles

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Planning to visit, work temporarily, or study in Canada? Choose affordable travel insurance that provides emergency medical and dental benefits for an enjoyable, worry-free stay in Canada.

Travel insurance for visitors to Canada includes protection against the potentially high cost of medical mishaps, like unexpected medical, hospital or dental emergencies for the following travellers:

Tourists visiting Canada

Whether you are seeing the sites or visiting family and friends, the Visitor to Canada Plan is ideal for tourists who want to discover all the wonders of Canada in tranquillity and security. Allianz Global Assistance offers different coverage plans that provide valuable emergency medical and dental benefits designed to fit a wide range of coverage needs and budgets.

Super Visa applicants

Travel medical insurance for visitors to Canada offered by Allianz Global Assistance provides convenient, affordable protection that fully meets the coverage required for Super Visa applicants.

  • Coverage of $100,000 in emergency medical services, hospitalization and repatriation for up to 365 days

Newly landed immigrants

As a newly landed immigrant, you may be facing a three-month wait before receiving coverage through Canada’s public health care system. For this reason, it is important to apply for government health care immediately upon arrival. Our Visitors to Canada Plan provides the emergency and dental benefits required while waiting to receive access to your Government Health Insurance Plan.

Temporary foreign workers

Depending on the province or territory, temporary foreign workers may need to wait several months before being eligible for their Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP). If you are soon coming to Canada as a temporary foreign worker and your employer doesn’t offer you coverage, it is highly recommended to purchase a travel insurance plan from an experienced insurance provider such as Allianz Global Assistance.

International students

All international students who study in Canada are required to have health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay. Required coverage includes emergency medical and dental benefits.  Need to travel to another province during your stay in Canada? Our Visitors to Canada Plan covers your entire stay within the province you are residing and studying in, and any other province or territory within Canada you may want to visit.

Visitors to Canada Plan

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Emergency Medical and Dental $25,000 | $50,000 | $100,000
Emergency Medical Transportation Included
Meals and Accommodation $150/Day - Max. $1,500
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Sum Insured
24-Hour Assistance Included
Side-trips Outside Canada* Coverage for side trips outside Canada except for the home country (as long as the majority of the trip is in Canada).
No Deductibles or Hidden Costs In case of medical emergencies, Allianz Global Assistance will cover the amount up to the eligible benefit limit described in this plan. Wherever possible, we’ll arrange billing directly with your medical provider, so you don’t have to spend any amount out-of-pocket.
Eligibility Plans offered under this option are available to visitors to Canada, temporary workers, landed immigrants, international students, super visa applicants and returning Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a Canadian provincial health insurance plan.
Trip duration Up to 365 days
Age limit Up to 84 years old

About Allianz Global Assistance

For over 30 years, Allianz Global Assistance has helped travelling Canadians with value-added travel insurance and assistance services. Today, our more than 800 employees support over 8 million Canadians in their journeys abroad. As a part of the world’s largest travel insurance and assistance provider, we work closely with our fellow Allianz Partners business units across 44 countries to ensure our customers receive responsive emergency medical care when they need it most, wherever their adventures take them.

*Coverage for side trips outside Canada except for the home country (as long as the majority of the trip is in Canada).

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Information for Quebec and Saskatchewan residents.

Travel insurance does not cover everything. Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions. Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators Group of Companies and administered by Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. and AZGA Insurance Agency Canada Ltd. Please note that remuneration may be payable to the distributor of this insurance. 

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