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We know that in addition to having the right travel insurance to protect you, there are lots of details to consider in preparing for your trip. Below are some links to general information to help make your travel planning a little easier. 

Advice for travellers

Hurricane season is here
Plan ahead to help weather potential storms 

With the potential for hurricanes to develop at any time from June 1 to November 30, travel insurance is an absolute must if you’re travelling this time of year. To help you be prepared for situations like this, your best bet is to ensure you have travel insurance protection as soon as you book your trip.
Trip cancellation and interruption coverage is one of the most valuable travel insurance benefits for hurricanes, earthquakes and other weather-related events. It can help you recover some or all of your trip costs if you buy coverage before a hurricane takes place.
If you haven’t begun your trip, your travel provider can hold the money as a credit for travel to another destination. If you opt not to use the credit, you can file a claim for the non-refundable portion of your trip. If you’ve already started your trip, you can be reimbursed for accommodations, meals, taxi fares and other similar costs.
While travel insurance protects you in a number of emergency situations, it doesn’t cover everything. For example, trip cancellation and interruption benefits would not apply if you decide to travel despite official warnings or if you use your original tickets to get to your destination and back.
To ensure you fully understand what you’re covered for, it’s important to always review your plan benefits, eligibility, exclusions and limitations. You can find these in your travel insurance policy booklet. 
Visit the Canadian government’s travel site at when preparing for your journey for travel news, warnings and advisories, advice on certain destinations and living abroad, and more. Below are just some of the useful information you’ll find.
Visit this site for information on travel health advisories and international reports from public health authorities around the world.
Canada Direct is an automated international access service* which allows you to call home without having to go through a local operator.
* Intercontinental communications are routed by Teleglobe Inc.

World Time, Maps & Weather

Instantly learn what time it is in any location around the world.
Wherever you are going (or wish you were going)... why not check the weather first?
Want maps and some general information about your destination? Try this site.

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