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All great travel experiences start with a desire. Perhaps it’s a yearning to visit an historic landmark, a craving for unique regional cuisines or quite simply, longing to return to a favourite destination.  Whether you prefer to plan your trip in great detail or wing it as you go, travel insurance fits nicely into every plan, budget and itinerary, with help just a phone call away.

City walks, nature hikes, tourist attractions, culinary indulgences and yoga retreats all await you. Discover Allianz Global Assistance’s collection of travel articles and travel safely, pack smart and stay healthy.

Latest articles

Allianz Global Assistance - Family going on a road trip across Canada

Road trips are an ideal way for anyone visiting or new to Canada to discover the country. Learn how sightseeing by province is stress-free...

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Allianz Global Assistance - Host taking a selfie with out of town senior relative who is staying or visiting Canada

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.’ This may well be true, and perhaps even more so when ...

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Allianz Global Assistance - Photo collage of a couple, who are frequent travellers, in pictures from their many trips taken throughout the year.

Travel is an essential part of life. The opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and see new places adds a richness and fullness to...

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Allianz Global Assistance - A beach prepared for a destination wedding featuring a white canopy, flowers and chairs set up facing the beach for a wedding abroad.

The sun is setting on a sparkling Pacific Ocean as you and your beloved say your vows. Everything is perfect: a kiss, applause, ...

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Allianz Global Assistance - Medical evacuation in progress with patient being transferred by paramedic from air ambulance helicopter to an ambulance.

One of the best features of living in Canada is our healthcare system. When you get sick at home, as long as you have a government...

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Allianz Global Assistance - First class experience in economy

Though just mere metres away from the economy seats, first class offers a world of perks and pleasures. Top of the list is... 

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Allianz Global Assistance - Get through airport security quickly

There is nothing worse than squeaking through airport security by the skin of your teeth only to find a huge lineup at the...

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Allianz Global Assistance - Comfortable shoes for travel

Shoes. The stuff of legend and lore: Cinderella had endless trouble because of her glass heels and Dorothy was nearly vaporized for her...

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Allianz Global Assistance - Flying while pregnant

Many parents-to-be, anticipating the sleepless nights, diaper changes and midnight feedings, opt to take a vacation before baby arrives...

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Allianz Global Assistance - 5 reasons you need travel insurance for cruising

A cruise is a promise: a promise of adventure and exploration coupled with security and comfort. Your floating hotel offers...

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