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Our travel guides highlight interesting tips and insights on countries around the world. Browse our travel information to ensure that your trip will be inspiring, unforgettable and safe.

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Brazil Travel Guides

Allianz Global Assistance - Discover - Brazil

Brazil is famous for its beaches as well as the exhilarating Carnival. Brazil stretches from the Amazon basin in the north to the astounding Iguazu Falls in the south. 

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Allianz Global Assistance - Be Safe Travelling - Brazil

Brazil is a friendly and welcoming country. However, it's always a best practice to prepare ahead and be aware of any safety concerns you may encounter while visiting.

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Allianz Global Assistance - Top 10 Experiences - Brazil

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Brazil, along with its long stretches of white sandy beaches and lush rainforests.

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Canada Travel Guides

Allianz Global Assistance - Discover - Canada

If you love the great outdoors you will love Canada - from snowboarding and off-road biking in the mountain ranges to surfing along the coastline and rafting down the rivers.

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Allianz Global Assistance - Be Safe Travelling - Canada

Travellers won't find much in the way of hair-raising experiences, but there are few things to be aware of to help keep your trip trouble free.

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Allianz Global Assistance - Top 10 Experiences - Canada

From coast to coast, Canada is filled with unique sights that encourage even the most diehard city-slickers to venture away from the hip urban jungles and into the pinewood forests.

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Japan Travel Guides

From beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring to world leading ski parks in the winter, Japan has a unique experience at every turn. The locals are helpful and facilities spotless.

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Japan is considered a very safe country for travellers. However, natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis can represent a biggest concern.

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Japan is a mix of traditions and modern trends, a place where the past meets the future and neon lights, skyscrapers and robots turn into temples, origami and gardens.

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Mexico Travel Guides

Welcome to Mexico, the country of beautiful beaches, lively cities, fascinating history, cactus-strewn deserts, and spicy cuisine. 

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While the locals are very welcoming, the country's high crime rates are a serious safety concern in some areas. 

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From a diverse culture to beautiful beaches, Mexico has earned its title as one of the most visited countries around the world because of the myriad of activities tourists of all kinds can enjoy.

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The United States Travel Guides

The United States is a country of diverse people, breathtaking landscapes, international cuisine and music. Discover the United States with this guide.

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Petty crime in crowded areas is common and night time in the cities can be dangerous. The US also can experience unpredictable weather and large-scale natural disasters.

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From man-made landscapes such as the neon lights of Las Vegas to natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, the US offers endless travel experiences.

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