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Travel Guide: Discover Japan

Allianz Global Assistance - Travel Guides: Discover Japan

Japan is a truly exotic country where the highest modern technology meets a traditional past. From beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring to world-leading ski parks in the winter, Japan has a unique experience at every turn.

The locals are helpful, the facilities spotless and the public transport is one of the world’s best, which means getting around is a breeze. Japan is an island nation. The nearest neighbouring countries are China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. Japan is 9 hours ahead of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC+9), so the country is 13 hours ahead of Toronto or 16 hours ahead of Vancouver.

Relevant Information and Demographics

Emergency Numbers

Police Dial 110
Fire or Ambulance Dial 119

Main Ethnic Groups

Ethnic groups in Japan are not widely known but it is said that 98.5% are Japanese with Koreans, Chinese and others making up the remainder.
Main Religion

41% Folk Shinto (identify as non-religious but will participate in Shinto rituals and worship)
35% Buddhism

Geographic Facts Capital and the Largest City: Tokyo (9.1 million people)

Culture and customs

The Japanese are well known for their traditions. Being polite and showing respect is very important to their culture. Bowing in greeting is one sign of respect, as are these common gestures:

  • Shoes are taken off to enter many buildings and homes, so wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily without using your hands.
  • When you are handing something to someone do so with both hands as this is considered the polite way.
  • Never leave your chopsticks standing upright in a bowl of rice as that is how rice is offered to the dead.

Words to know

  • Konnichiwa = Good day
  • Ohayou gozaimasu = Good morning
  • Sumimasen = Excuse me or used to call the staff in a restaurant or shop over
  • Arigatoo gozaimasu = Thank you
  • Ogenki desuka? = How are you?

Allianz Global Assistance - Travel Guides: Discover Japan

General travel advice

Best time to visit
Spring is the best time to visit Japan for the cherry blossoms and the warm, dry temperatures.

Japan experiences four seasons a year, however, the temperature can vary in each city. These temperatures are based on the Tokyo average: 

July to Aug
21˚ / 28˚

Sep to Nov
14˚ / 21˚

Dec to Feb
3˚/ 9˚

Mar to May
14˚ / 21˚

Japan has one of the world’s best transport systems. Trains are everywhere — high speed 'bullet' trains connect towns and cities. Local rail networks will get you around without a hitch. Local buses, ferries, taxis and domestic flights are also readily available.

Key Facts

Dialing code +81

Visas - Canadians do not require a visa to enter Japan for tourism or business for stays under ninety (90) days.

Language is Japanese.

Currency - Yen (CAD$1 = JPY¥84) *average rate, 2018-2019.

The drinking age in Japan is 20 or over.

Tipping - Service standards are very high but tipping isn’t part of the culture. Giving a tip may cause confusion and can also be offensive. Some restaurants however will add a 10% service fee to your bill.

Drive on the left side of the road.

Electrical / Device: 100V - Japan uses a two pin ‘A’ type plug.

World records

  • World’s largest strawberry at 250g.
  • World’s largest comic strip at 3785.35m2 by Adidas Japan and depicted each player from the football world cup team in 2010.
  • The greatest distance ever covered by an electric vehicle, single charge (non-solar) was 1,300km in 2013.


Allianz Global Assistance - National icons are Mount Fuji, Cherry Blossoms and Red-Crowned Crane.

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