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Make the Most of the Grey Cup Festival

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Two teams whittled down from nine tough weeks of hard work, ups and downs, injuries and for one singular purpose—the Grey Cup. If the Canadian Football League schedule is life or death and dictates your weekend plans, the Grey Cup Festival is no doubt a bucket list item. Here are five ways to make sure your participation in this quintessentially Canadian event is memorable.

Make the most of your host city

The Grey Cup 2018 location is Edmonton, one of Canada’s most passionate football towns with a long history of Grey Cup wins.

In addition to being an easy place to get to via plane, train, bus or automobile, this hip town offers some fantastic attractions, including gardens, parks and theatre. From food to fashion there is something new around every corner, so add in a couple of days to enjoy the non-football side of the city. And, whatever your plans, make sure they include a Medical Plan that offers emergency health and medical coverage travel insurance if you are travelling out of your home province — or opt for a Medical and Cancellation Plan as weather in the western prairies is always unpredictable, and you want to be prepared for any delays, medical emergencies and other issues, so they don’t put a crimp in your plans.

Tickets and travel

When is Grey Cup 2018? The game itself is on Sunday, November 25th. It is the culmination of the five-day Grey Cup Festival, Bring the Heat, which kicks off on November 21st. Though much of the merriment happens on the Saturday and Sunday, there are some terrific experiences earlier in the week, including the Shaw CFL Awards and street festivals. And getting Grey Cup tickets is possible—as long as you get them early. Leaving it to the last minute to track down access to the hottest ticket in town isn’t a good idea. To make sure you get the full experience, book travel and travel insurance well in advance, make sure your travel insurance policy meets your travel needs, review the Grey Cup Festival schedule and get ready to enjoy.  The Grey Cup Festival 2018 will also cater to families so if they are keen, bring the little ones along to experience the thrill.

Know your limitations

Everyone gets caught up in the excitement of a big game, and a good party. Remember that the consumption of alcohol and thousands of screaming fans don’t always go together. Try to take it easy and pace yourself with beverages, and with your wallet. If credit cards are too tempting, bring cash and only spend what you have. Whatever you do, remember to drink responsibly and review your travel insurance policy to understand any exclusions related to due to the consumption of alcohol, licit or illicit drugs, medication misuse, and so forth.

Party like a true Canadian

Instead of trying to party like a rock star, party like a Canadian. The Grey Cup atmosphere tends to be exuberant and happy, so play a part in ensuring that experience for those around you. Be polite, respectful and remember—it’s just a game! In addition to chowing down on poutine and wearing your team jersey, put your Canadian skills to work meeting fellow football fans, even if they do support the opposing team. What better way to watch the game than with new friends, eh?

Think beyond football

The entertainment promises to be exceptional and the atmosphere electric. In addition to an epic Canadian football showdown, the Grey Cup Festival offers a variety of other engaging activities as well. So pack your pompoms, stock up on face paint, and bring an open mind and football heart.

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