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Embark on your journey feeling confident in travel insurance and assistance services administered by Allianz Global Assistance. Our Travel Tips provide helpful suggestions for preparing, planning, and packing for your trip, as well as informative articles on the many valuable benefits that are available when you’re an Allianz Global Assistance customer.

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Multi-trip medical insurance for travel within Canada or beyond

An annual family vacation, a last-minute business trip, a cross-border shopping expedition…If you think about how many times you end up travelling outside of your home province or territory, the number can really add up.

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Five reasons savvy travellers buy annual travel insurance

Travel is an essential part of life. The opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and see new places adds a richness and fullness to the day-to-day routine, and seeing how other people around the world live is fascinating. 

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Do government health plans provide travel coverage?

One of the best features of living in Canada is our healthcare system. When you get sick at home, as long as you have a government health insurance plan (GHIP, or OHIP if you reside in Ontario), you can go to the doctor, show your health card and get treated.

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Allianz Global Assistance - 5 reasons you need travel insurance for cruising

5 reasons you need travel insurance for cruising

A cruise is a promise: a promise of adventure and exploration coupled with security and comfort. Your floating hotel offers excellent on-board facilities with the added bonus of a snug stateroom to store all your things while visiting many destinations. 

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Allianz Global Assistance - Flying while pregnant

I’m pregnant: is it safe to travel?

Many parents-to-be, anticipating the sleepless nights, diaper changes and midnight feedings, opt to take a vacation before baby arrives. And, while a babymoon is a wonderful opportunity for parents-to-be to connect, travel during pregnancy requires careful planning to mitigate risks to yourself, your unborn child and your wallet.

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