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Helpful ideas for travelling safely

Embark on your journey feeling confident in travel insurance and assistance services administered by Allianz Global Assistance. Our Travel Tips provide helpful suggestions for preparing, planning, and packing for your trip, as well as informative articles on the many valuable benefits that are available when you’re an Allianz Global Assistance customer.

Featured articles

What is medical repatriation and medical evacuation?

Medical repatriation and medical evacuation benefits are a necessity when travelling abroad. They provide seriously ill or injured travellers the ability to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility or repatriated to their home country once their medical emergency is stabilized...

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Tips for seniors about travel insurance

From the annual winter escape to day trips across the border to visits with family across the country, even Canadians over age 65 travel more than they think. Here are three tips for travelling freely, conveniently, cost-effectively and safely with travel insurance.

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5 tips on using sharing economy services on your trip

The sharing economy has revolutionized the way people travel but there are pitfalls to be aware of. Read on for five important tips to keep top of mind when booking travel through shared economy sites and undertaking shared economy activities.

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Jamaica: 5 tips for safe travels

Visiting Jamaica can make you feel like you’ve stepped into a postcard. Wherever you go and whatever you do, be it a beach in Negril, a bike ride around Ocho Rios or a tour of Montego Bay, stay safe by following these five tips for safe travels.

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The best tips for travelling with a drone

This article is for drone enthusiasts looking for drone travel tips and how to find the best places in the world to fly a drone. Learn important drone travel packing tips especially if you plan to take drone travel videos and photography.

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Gap Year Travel Planning Tips

A gap year provides time away from home to take time off between life-changing events. Many use this time to explore new places, volunteer, or even work abroad. Get some useful information to help you plan for your own gap year.

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5 golden tips for senior solo travel

Solo travel is gaining in popularity with all ages, including seniors. If you are looking to travel solo after retirement, we have some basic tips to help with your travel plans. These include the need for a well-understood travel policy to help make the journey easier.

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5 answers to your layover questions

Find answers to the five most-asked questions about layovers along with helpful tips on how to make the most a short, or long, layover. Options include staying at the airport to enjoy amenities there or leaving to explore the local city.

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Essential tips for travelling with kids

ravelling with kids can be stressful yet it is a great opportunity to expose them to cultural experiences and make unforgettable memories. Read on to find out about age-appropriate travel experiences as well as why it is important to buy travel insurance for all of your family adventures abroad.

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How to secure your valuables when travelling

Keeping your valuables safe while travelling is very important. Travel documentation—particularly your passport—is one of your most critical possessions when you are outside of your home country. 

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Must-haves checklist when flying with a baby or toddler

Travelling with a baby or toddler is a journey in itself. Reaching your destination in good spirits and clean clothes (for at least one member of the family) is doable by following a thorough travel packing list. 

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7 ways trip cancellation and interruption save you money

Travel cancellation and interruption insurance is centered on offering protection against the unexpected and making sure that unforeseen cancellations before you leave, interruptions after you’ve departed, and other challenges are made much less stressful.

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5 ways visitor insurance helps

After months of planning, your arrival to Canada will soon be a reality. Before landing, you want to ensure you’ve thought of everything to help you have the journey you imagined. One item you might overlook, or maybe not even think about, is Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance.

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Multi-trip medical insurance for travel within Canada or beyond

An annual family vacation, a last-minute business trip, a cross-border shopping expedition…If you think about how many times you end up travelling outside of your home province or territory, the number can really add up.

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Five reasons savvy travellers buy annual travel insurance

Travel is an essential part of life. The opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and see new places adds a richness and fullness to the day-to-day routine, and seeing how other people around the world live is fascinating. 

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Do government health plans provide travel coverage?

One of the best features of living in Canada is our healthcare system. When you get sick at home, as long as you have a government health insurance plan (GHIP, or OHIP if you reside in Ontario), you can go to the doctor, show your health card and get treated.

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5 reasons you need travel insurance for cruising

A cruise is a promise: a promise of adventure and exploration coupled with security and comfort. Your floating hotel offers excellent on-board facilities with the added bonus of a snug stateroom to store all your things while visiting many destinations. 

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I’m pregnant: is it safe to travel?

Many parents-to-be, anticipating the sleepless nights, diaper changes and midnight feedings, opt to take a vacation before baby arrives. And, while a babymoon is a wonderful opportunity for parents-to-be to connect, travel during pregnancy requires careful planning to mitigate risks to yourself, your unborn child and your wallet.

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