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4 advantages of buying multi-trip travel insurance

Allianz Global Assistance - 4 advantages of buying a multi-trip travel insurance

As many as 44% of Canadians plan their trips from two to six months in advance*. That’s great for ensuring all the important arrangements, including travel insurance, are in place before travelling. But what about other travellers who prefer to take advantage of last-minute deals or don’t know they’ll be travelling until an unplanned opportunity arises?

The following are four reasons why travellers might want to secure annual multi-trip travel insurance. A good option is Allianz Global Assistance’s Annual Medical Plan, which provides valuable emergency medical coverage for unlimited trips within a one-year period.

It offers freedom

When travellers get the urge to hit the open road, nothing should get in their way – including travel insurance. Fortunately, an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan can be freeing – especially for anyone who might be tempted to skip or forget about this important travel detail. One annual policy provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips within a one year period, whether travelling within Canada or around the world. It’s the kind of plan that provides travellers with more opportunities to immerse themselves in their experience knowing they have multi-trip travel insurance to help keep them protected in the moment.

It offers convenience

Part of the fun of travelling is planning where to go and what to do while away. With multi-trip medical insurance, travellers only have to arrange for protection once a year. Because annual multi-trip travel insurance enables them to “get it and forget it”, having coverage for every trip is an easy habit to get into – and stick with. This type of coverage is ideal for those times when sudden impromptu cross-border road trips or great seat sales arise.

It offers flexibility

Whether it’s a month-long business trip to Hong Kong, a weekend in Las Vegas, or two weeks in a neighbouring province in Canada, multi-trip travel insurance is ready to go when travellers are. Recognizing that one size doesn’t always fit all, a multi-trip insurance policy is available with one of two plan options: unlimited trips lasting up to 10 days each or unlimited trips of up to 30 days. These options help travellers fit travel protection into their schedule and travel lifestyle.

It offers great value

Emergency medical care in places such as the US is expensive. For example, a few stitches in an American hospital could cost upwards of $3,000 and a sprained ankle around $2,000. A more serious broken leg that requires surgery and an overnight stay could reach upwards of $50,000. If something unexpected happens and a traveller needs to go to the doctor or hospital, annual multi-trip travel insurance can provide up to $10 million in emergency medical coverage and assistance. Considering that one multi-trip travel insurance plan could cost less than three single-trip policies on average, it’s a small investment that delivers both protection and peace of mind.

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* Allianz Global Assistance 2018/2019 Annual Winter Vacation Confidence survey

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