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7 ways trip cancellation & interruption insurance saves you money

Allianz Global Assistance - 7 ways trip cancellation and interruption save you money

Oscar Wilde once said that ‘To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect’. We can’t be sure if he was referring to purchasing travel insurance but there is certainly a parallel to be made. Travel cancellation and interruption insurance is centered on offering protection against the unexpected and making sure that unforeseen cancellations before you leave, interruptions after you’ve departed, and other challenges are made much less stressful.

Trip Cancellation

You’ve been saving up for years, booked through a Canadian tour operator to ensure you have nothing to worry about and now it is just around the corner. The trip of a lifetime to Bora Bora—a personal cabana over a crystal blue ocean and cocktails with paper umbrellas and exotic fruit. Your holiday plans are perfect. Then imagine the Canadian travel supplier goes bankrupt one week before your departure. And guess what? That tour company won’t be returning your investment. However, being the savvy traveller you are, you bought trip cancellation insurance that will reimburse your prepaid expenses, up to $3,500 CDN, to enable you to re-book your holiday. Or what if your dream vacation is a ski trip, and just days before departure your travel companion sustains an unexpected injury. Once again, trip cancellation insurance could be financially beneficial, providing some compensation for the cancelled trip. Trip cancellation coverage will typically include a variety of specific covered reasons which you can cancel your trip as a result of, should they occur unexpectedly. Be sure to review your policy and trip cancellation covered reasons before you purchase to make sure the coverage will fit your needs.

Trip Interruption

What if something happens while you are already on your trip? Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can go wrong unexpectedly, forcing you to interrupt your plans. A relative may have fallen ill or suffered an injury back home that would force you to end your trip. Perhaps you have to cut your trekking adventure short due to a badly sprained ankle that renders you immobile. Or you may need to evacuate the area you are staying at due to a natural disaster. 

Trip Interruption benefits may help cover the cost of changing your flights or purchasing a one-way return ticket earlier than planned, as well as any pre-paid trip arrangements that you’re no longer able to use.

Equipment Rental

Athleisure travel is one of the most enjoyable ways to visit other parts of the world while enjoying your favourite hobbies. Travel built around tennis, golf, skiing, cycling and other activities are often the most enjoyable, and memorable trips. But, if your sports equipment gets lost, delayed or damaged in transit the trip becomes a lot less pleasurable. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance, with additional benefits for baggage protection, may cover replacement or repair of these crucial items, up to policy limits, allowing you to hit the links or the clay court without a significant delay.

Baggage delays

A major inconvenience when taking a commercial flight is when you arrive at your destination, but your baggage doesn’t due to mishandling by the airline. With the right coverage in place, you may be able to purchase necessary items such as toiletries and clothing to get you through until your luggage arrives. Usually, travel insurance with baggage protection benefits will reimburse loss, theft or delay of your luggage—a must for savvy travellers.

Meals and accommodation

Travel is unpredictable and airlines are under no obligation to support travellers because of unanticipated delays. If your trip is interrupted or delayed beyond the planned travel days, travel insurance may cover meals, accommodations and even the cost of essential telephone calls while you wait for your trip to get back on track. So, unless you want to pay out of pocket for an airport hotel, travel insurance should be considered!

Care for four-legged friends at home

Your pup is spending their vacation at a kennel that specializes in pampering their furry guests, and that is a budgeted expense. However, if your return home is delayed because of a reason covered by travel insurance, Fido’s extended stay at the puppy palace could also be reimbursed.

Peace of mind

Take a few minutes to read your travel insurance policy carefully- you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the breadth of coverage available through plans with trip cancellation and interruption benefits. And once you understand the benefits of travel protection, it’s hard to imagine travelling without it. Peace of mind is priceless.

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