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What seniors should know about travel insurance

Allianz Global Assistance - Tips for seniors about travel insurance

Whether an annual winter escape, day trips across the border, or visits with family in another part of the country, some Canadians over age 65 travel more often than they might realize. Many make a point of obtaining travel insurance to protect themselves and their investment for their “big trip”, but may be taking a chance or forgetting to do so for others they might take throughout the year. To ensure year round protection, annual multi-trip medical insurance is ideal for seniors. Following are three tips on travel insurance for seniors in Canada to help them get the most out of upcoming trips they know about – and the ones they don’t.

Tip 1: Review your travel insurance coverage, even if you’ve done so in the past

Whether purchasing a new travel insurance plan or dusting off an existing annual, multi-trip travel insurance policy, it’s important for seniors to review what they’re covered for – and what they’re not. This can also help determine if the coverage is appropriate based on factors such as the traveller’s age, trip duration, planned activities and current health status. Particular areas to pay attention to include the benefits, eligibility, exclusions and limitations. Seniors should also understand terms such as “stable”, if they have to declare medical conditions for travel insurance and how travel insurance for Canadian seniors with pre-existing conditions works.

Tip 2: Secure trip protection for non-medical travel emergencies

Travel delays and the unused hotel nights that might result are two examples of travel emergencies that don’t require medical attention and, therefore, might not be covered under an annual medical plan. However, unexpected events such as these can often result in significant, unplanned costs, which makes them just as important to protect. For these and similar situations, travellers should consider a plan that includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage, which may help travellers recover non-refundable trip-related expenses if they need to unexpectedly cancel, interrupt or delay their trip due to an eligible covered reason. Combined with an annual medical protection plan, it can offer travel insurance for seniors in Canada covering a broad range of unexpected events for a specific trip. Trip cancellation and interruption protection provides coverage for one trip, while an annual plan offers coverage for medical emergencies for unlimited trips within 365 days from the effective start date of a purchased plan.

Tip 3: Know how to contact us and what help is available in an emergency

When choosing a travel insurance provider for Canadian seniors, it should be easy to get help quickly in an emergency. With Allianz Global Assistance, travellers can take comfort in knowing they can reach us 24/7 from almost anywhere worldwide. To do so easily, travellers should keep their travel insurance information handy. Beyond having a copy of their policy printed or saved in an email, a good place for insured travellers to store our emergency assistance phone numbers, is in the TripWise app. Travellers should also know how to contact us collect from their destination to avoid long distance charges.

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