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Understanding travel insurance

Fulfilling adventures and new travel experiences. That’s the aspiration with the start of every trek. Whether travelling for pleasure or business, we’re bound to learn more about exciting new places, people, cultures and regional cuisine. But when the “bucket list” trip gets cancelled and doesn’t happen, or rather, if it turns into a trip to the emergency room in a foreign hospital, that’s when the promise of travel insurance can help offset significant financial losses.

Allianz Global Assistance - What is travel insurance?

What is travel insurance?

An unexpected medical emergency, a cancelled flight or a hurricane can bring the vacation you’ve been dreaming about to a halt. Travel insurance can help turn things around by covering costs incurred due to emergency medical care, the cancellation or interruption of your trip, and more.

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Allianz Global Assistance - Do I need travel insurance?

Do I need travel insurance?

You’ve booked your vacation, you’re all set to go, but have you considered travel insurance and why you even need it?

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Allianz Global Assistance - Travel insurance coverage

What's covered, what's not covered?

Understanding the benefits, exclusions and limitations of travel insurance coverage can seem a bit overwhelming. To help make sense of it all, use these guidelines to understand what is and isn’t covered by travel insurance.

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Allianz Global Assistance - Travelling within Canada

Travelling within Canada

When travelling outside of your home province, your provincial health insurance plan won’t necessarily travel with you. Travel insurance is not only essential when travelling abroad, it is also important when travelling to other provinces and territories within Canada.

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Information for Quebec and Saskatchewan residents.

Travel insurance does not cover everything. Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions. Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators Group of Companies and administered by Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. and AZGA Insurance Agency Canada Ltd. Please note that remuneration may be payable to the distributor of this insurance. 

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