Travel experiences

All great travel experiences start with a desire. Perhaps it’s a yearning to visit a historic landmark, a craving for unique regional cuisines or quite simply, longing to return to a favourite destination.  Whether you prefer to plan your trip in great detail or wing it as you go, travel insurance fits nicely into every plan, budget and itinerary, with help just a phone call away.

City walks, nature hikes, tourist attractions, culinary indulgences and yoga retreats all await you. Discover Allianz Global Assistance’s collection of travel articles and travel safely, pack smart and stay healthy.

Find out why you may want to consider purchasing an annual travel insurance plan instead of single trip travel insurance.
This article includes useful tips to help business travellers navigate through airports and make the most of business trips by being informed and prepared. 
Proof of travel insurance is a Super visa application requirement for parents and grandparents visiting Canada for a longer stay of up to two years with family. 
Protecting yourself with travel insurance is essential, particularly when you are expecting a baby. But it’s also important to know what circumstances travel insurance will or will not cover your pregnancy.
We put together 5 reasons travel insurance is a must-have when you set sail on a cruise and explain the types of coverage available for you to choose from.
Brazil is famous for its beaches as well as the exhilarating Carnival. But there is much more than that to experience. Find out where to go, local facts, important imformation for travellers, as well tips to be safe while enjoying the sights and sounds of Brazil.
From spectacular beaches to a rich culture, the Mayan Riviera in Mexico on the country’s Caribbean Coast and the Mexican Riviera on its Pacific Coast have a lot in common.  These similarities can make for a difficult decision for travellers considering a visit.