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Our Travel Tips and Advice section provides helpful suggestions for planning, preparing, and packing for your trip. You’ll also find informative articles on the many valuable benefits that are available when you protect yourself, your family and your trip with travel insurance. 
Image of woman hosting her family guest

How to make your guests feel welcome

Get ideas to maximize the enjoyment of visiting relatives and out-of-town guests including preparations to make them feel at home, planning things to do with them and how to set the right expectations.
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Image of youngsters crossing a street in a foreign location

Planning on taking a gap year? Here's what you should know

A gap year is typically an opportunity for experiential learning, self-discovery, and transferrable skill development. Get useful information that will help you plan for your own gap year.
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How to plan a perfect golf trip

Scoring a last minute golf trip means saving money. Learn the ins and outs on how to strike a great deal whether in Canada or even abroad.
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Image of people eating in a food festival

10 of the world's best food festivals for any food lover

Combining the love of food while travelling can provide a tasty way to discover new places and cultures. We handpicked 10 of the best international food festivals from a ramen show in Japan to street food in Seattle.
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Image of a picture collage portraying different trips

Is annual multi-trip travel insurance worth it?

We listed the top 5 reasons why any Canadian frequent traveller must opt for a multi trip travel insurance when seeking protection against medical mishaps for unlimited trips within a year time.
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Image of a couple travelling and taking pictures

3 benefits of travelling with your loved one

It is believed that romantic couples who travel together have healthier and happier relationships, compared to those who do not. Find out three main advantages of going on a romantic getaway with your partner.
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Image of emergency crew attending an emergency call

What is medical repatriation and medical evacuation?

Medical repatriation and medical evacuation insurance provide seriously ill or injured travellers the ability to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility or repatriated to their home country once their medical emergency is stabilized.
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Image of a couple in the balcony of a cruise ship

5 reasons why you need travel insurance for your cruise

We put together 5 reasons travel insurance is a must-have when you set sail on a cruise and explain the types of coverage available for you to choose from.
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Image of essential items you need to carry when backpacking

10 backpacking essentials you must carry on your trip

Are you planning your first or a new backpacking adventure? Our list of must-pack items will help you to tackle nearly every situation you can think of.
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