Travel Tips and Advice

Our Travel Tips and Advice section provides helpful suggestions for planning, preparing, and packing for your trip. You’ll also find informative articles on the many valuable benefits that are available when you protect yourself, your family and your trip with travel insurance. 
For many business travellers, being able to travel with just carry-on luggage is critical. It can also make life a lot easier for leisure travel as well. In both cases, travelling with carry-on luggage means you have immediate access to all of your luggage and that losses and delays are much less likely.
This article includes useful tips to help business travellers navigate through airports and make the most of business trips by being informed and prepared. While business travel is necessary for many, it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

Protecting yourself with travel insurance is essential, particularly when you are expecting a baby. But it’s also important to know what circumstances travel insurance will or will not cover your pregnancy.

Get ideas to maximize the enjoyment of visiting relatives and out-of-town guests including preparations to make them feel at home, planning things to do with them and how to set the right expectations.
Solo travel is gaining in popularity with all ages, including seniors. If you are looking to travel solo after retirement, we have some basic tips to help with your travel plans.

We rounded up three key advices on travel insurance for Canadian seniors and snowbirds to help them get the most out of upcoming trips they know about – and the ones they don’t.
A gap year is typically an opportunity for experiential learning, self-discovery, and transferrable skill development. Get useful information that will help you plan for your own gap year.
Do you know which shoes you should pack for your next trip? Here are some insightful tips on how to pick the best travel footwear for your next travel adventure.

Here are the five most frequently asked questions by travellers about flights with short or long layovers, as well as suggestions on how to make the most of your trip.

Getting through airport security such as CATSA and TSA prechecks, especially if you are running late, can be one of the most frustrating experiences while travelling. We round up a set of tips to help you clear airport security faster.
Not everyone can shell out the big bucks to experience a 5-star hotel on wings. We give you a quick how-to on faking first class and making your flight more enjoyable, even if you are flying coach.
Medical repatriation and medical evacuation insurance provide seriously ill or injured travellers the ability to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility or repatriated to their home country once their medical emergency is stabilized. 
Regardless of the wedding destination, you, your spouse-to-be and your guests, we recommend having travel insurance coverage. Although travel insurance cannot cover the cost of a wedding itself, it can provide protection against many other unforeseen events that may arise while being abroad.
Find out insights on essential items needed when travelling or flying with a baby. It includes lots of helpful tips about travel insurance for infants or kids, clothing, hygiene and more.

Proof of travel insurance is a Super visa application requirement for parents and grandparents visiting Canada for a longer stay of up to two years with family. Read on for three additional benefits of buying a Visitors to Canada Plan for travel medical emergencies while in Canada. 
Shared economy services have revolutionized the way people travel. But, there are lots of pros and cons to be aware of. Here are five tips to help you navigate safely through options when travelling and planning your trip.

Learn how to safeguard your cash and valuables while travelling and how travel insurance can help if you are the victim of theft.

When thinking about travelling with kids, preparation is key to a smooth and memorable vacation. From back up batteries for devices on the flight to surprising the kids with a bit of their own spending money, we provide valuable information so you can provide your family with the ideal trip.
Learn important drone travel packing tips, especially if you plan to take drone travel videos and photography. We also list some of the best places for drone photography and feature travel protection for you and your equipment.
Annual multi-trip travel insurance plans provide coverage for unlimited trips of up to 10 or 30-days within a 365-day period. Find out why you may want to consider purchasing an annual travel insurance plan instead of single trip travel insurance.
Learn how to safeguard your cash and valuables while travelling and how travel insurance can help if you are the victim of theft.

Find out why health insurance for visitors to Canada (including insurance for Super Visa applicants) should the top of mind for students, temporary workers, or new immigrants coming to Canada.

Find out what the best places are for cross-border shopping in the United-States and get insightful tips related to travel insurance, duty free limits, cell phone roaming, and Cannabis rules for Canadian travellers.

Heading home for the holidays can be stressful, not just the journey to get home but the pressures and expectations that can come along with it. Here are some tips to minimize anxiety and maximize joy during this time of the year.
Scoring a last minute golf trip means saving money. Learn the ins and outs on how to strike a great deal whether in Canada or even abroad.

Combining the love of food while travelling can provide a tasty way to discover new places and cultures. We handpicked 10 of the best international food festivals from a ramen show in Japan to street food in Seattle.
It is believed that romantic couples who travel together have healthier and happier relationships, compared to those who do not. Find out three main advantages of going on a romantic getaway with your partner.
Road trips are an ideal way for anyone visiting or new to Canada, to discover the country. Learn how to set a cross-Canada itinerary, as well as tips on how to choose your destinations, and how to travel safely with travel insurance.
Going to the Grey Cup this year? Find out all you need to know to maximize your Grey Cup Festival experience. From booking your game tickets, travel and purchasing travel insurance, we have useful information to help you plan a fun and worry-free trip.
Find out how you can spice up your travel plans by adding triathlons or multisport events to your itinerary as well as learn how travel insurance coverage can take some of the stings out of missing a multisport race.

We listed the top 5 reasons why any Canadian frequent traveller must opt for a multi trip travel insurance when seeking protection against medical mishaps for unlimited trips within a year time.
We put together 5 reasons travel insurance is a must-have when you set sail on a cruise and explain the types of coverage available for you to choose from.

Are you planning your first or a new backpacking adventure? Our list of must-pack items will help you to tackle nearly every situation you can think of.

Your provincial health insurance plan may not travel with you when travelling within Canada or abroad. Understand how a private travel medical insurance can offer valuable medical benefits, assistance services and financial protections when government health insurance coverage is limited.
Bleisure travel has become popular in the recent years. It combines business travel with extra days to spend time at the destination while enjoying the sights. Learn how you can make it work for you.

Two trips, whether domestic or international, is all it takes to be on your way to frequent traveller status. Learn more about how frequent travellers can save money with multi-trip annual coverage.

This article offers several options for honeymoon destinations and suggestions based upon personal preferences. Destinations includes beaches, cities, adventure spots and road trips. The piece highlights the need for travel insurance so that travellers can remain relaxed during their trip.
Whether it is a solo adventure, family vacation or business travel, the right travel mobile apps can make a huge difference in terms of having a smooth and enjoyable trip experience. Here’s a list of the best apps every traveller should have on their phones.
Whether you're feeling the need for a secluded site on the beach, a park with tons of surrounding nature or a city spot with history, Canada spoils RV travellers with great options for campgrounds near the main attractions. Find out some of the top RV destinations across the Great White North. 
Travel insurance offered through your credit card may have some limitations. Learn more about potential limitations and the questions to ask to ensure you are fully covered for your trip. 

All travellers bound for Canada need to download and use the ArriveCan app as part of the entry requirements imposed by the Government of Canada to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This guide helps you to easily navigate the app.