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Our Travel Tips and Advice section provides helpful suggestions for planning, preparing, and packing for your trip. You’ll also find informative articles on the many valuable benefits that are available when you protect yourself, your family and your trip with travel insurance. 
Image of competing triathlon athletes

Triathlon & multisport travel for beginners

Find out how you can spice up your travel plans by adding triathlons or multisport events to your itinerary as well as learn how travel insurance coverage can take some of the stings out of missing a multisport race.
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Image of woman hosting her family guest

How to make your guests feel welcome

Get ideas to maximize the enjoyment of visiting relatives and out-of-town guests including preparations to make them feel at home, planning things to do with them and how to set the right expectations.
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Image of people crossing the border to shop for deals

All you should know about cross border shopping

Find out what the best places are for cross-border shopping in the United-States and get insightful tips related to travel insurance, duty free limits, cell phone roaming, and Cannabis rules for Canadian travellers.
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Image of a senior person travelling

5 golden tips for senior solo travel

Solo travel is gaining in popularity with all ages, including seniors. If you are looking to travel solo after retirement, we have some basic tips to help with your travel plans.
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Image of two senior women looking at a map at the train station

What seniors should know about travel insurance

We rounded up three key advices on travel insurance for Canadian seniors and snowbirds to help them get the most out of upcoming trips they know about – and the ones they don’t.
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Image of youngsters crossing a street in a foreign location

Planning on taking a gap year? Here's what you should know

A gap year is typically an opportunity for experiential learning, self-discovery, and transferrable skill development. Get useful information that will help you plan for your own gap year.
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How to plan a perfect golf trip

Scoring a last minute golf trip means saving money. Learn the ins and outs on how to strike a great deal whether in Canada or even abroad.
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Image of people eating in a food festival

10 of the world's best food festivals for any food lover

Combining the love of food while travelling can provide a tasty way to discover new places and cultures. We handpicked 10 of the best international food festivals from a ramen show in Japan to street food in Seattle.
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Image of helicopter and ambulance tending to an emergency event

Does OHIP provide the coverage travellers need?

Your provincial health insurance plan may not travel with you when travelling within Canada or abroad. Understand how a private travel medical insurance can offer valuable medical benefits, assistance services and financial protections when government health insurance coverage is limited.
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