5 reasons why you need travel insurance for your cruise

A cruise is a promise: a promise of adventure and exploration coupled with security and comfort. Your floating hotel offers excellent on-board facilities with the added bonus of a snug stateroom to store all your things while visiting many destinations. Setting off to discover the wonders of the seven seas on a cruise ship provides safety, relaxation and comfort.  The addition of travel insurance offers additional peace of mind for you
Imagine a hurricane hits your destination, or the cruise line has to keep the ship in port for repairs. Your travel insurance may cover the cancellation of the cruise, tour, or travel package by the cruise company or tour operator. You can also protect yourself with travel medical insurance so that if you have an unforeseen health emergency you may be eligible to cancel your cruise outright and rebook for the future.
There is always a chance you might need to leave the cruise early. A family emergency at home can mean an immediate need to get off the ship as soon as possible. Travel insurance may help you get home quickly and without the worry of additional costs for a new flight.

Cruise ships have medical facilities on board, but they may not suitable for more serious health crises. Your travel insurance for cruising may provide coverage for transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility, or back to a Canadian hospital. And of course, you must always follow medical directives for any chronic health conditions when you’re travelling.

Also, be sure to always take a full supply of your medication with you! Don’t presume that pharmacists on the ship or in ports of call will be able to supplement or refill prescriptions. If you become ill because you have not been able to follow your health regimen by taking prescribed medication, your travel insurance claim may be void.

It is also important to make thoughtful decisions about activities available to you in the ports. With many travel insurance policies, injuries resulting from high-risk activities may not be covered, so it’s important to understand the specific provisions of your chosen travel insurance policy before you need to access coverage.

In the worst-case scenario, should you pass away while on a trip, the return of your remains may be covered by your travel insurance, ensuring your family is not financially burdened by the costliness of repatriation.

Cruising is a highly popular winter getaway, particularly for those seeking to escape the unforgiving Canadian winter. But getting to that sunny port of departure can be challenging. If winter weather makes your port inaccessible or delays your flights, the cruise ship cannot wait for you—they have a strict schedule to keep and no amount of pleading will keep them docked. And, even if you have bought insurance through the cruise line, your inability to make it to the departure port on time isn’t covered. But your travel insurance will be able to help. More often than not you can catch up to your ship in its next port of call. Phew! Sun seekers can rest easy with adequate travel insurance coverage.
For many, cruising is a way of life. It offers the best of both worlds- a ‘home’ base and the ability to be mobile. Protecting yourself with adequate travel insurance for cruises just makes good sense and ensures your trip will be enjoyable and worry free.
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