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Choosing a plan for Canadians taking two or more trips

During the quote process, we ask customers whether they’re planning for one upcoming trip, or expecting to take two or more trips in the next year.

If a customer confirms that they're expecting to take two or more trips, we'll then offer a quote for Annual Medical Plans.

The Annual Medical Plan is suited for travellers taking two or more trips, as it provides emergency medical‎ coverage for an unlimited number of trips for a full year from the purchase date.

This plan helps frequent travellers save money on travel insurance, as one Annual Medical Plan costs less than buying separate single-trip Medical Plans for each and every trip. 

The Annual Medical Plan is also more convenient for frequent travellers. Once purchased, the coverage is in place for every trip within one year from purchase. There is no notification or activation required when leaving the country or your home province. That means once less thing to plan for, pack, or worry about.

10-Day vs. 30-Day Annual Medical Plan

The Annual Medical Plan comes with two options. Both options cover unlimited trips within one year from purchase.

For the 10-Day Annual Medical Plan, coverage for each trip within the one year period will have a day limit of 10 days or less per trip.

For the 30-Day Annual Medical Plan, coverage for each trip within the one year period will have a day limit of 30 days or less per trip.

To choose between these options, estimate how long you expect each of your trips abroad in the next year to last on average. If you’re more of a weekend warrior with plans for a few week long holidays, the 10-Day Annual Medical Plan might be a good fit.

Alternately, if you expect to take a few two-week holidays, and perhaps an even longer stint during the year, then a 30-Day Annual Medical Plan might be more suitable.

What if I’m taking a longer trip during the year?

If any of your trips during the year will be longer than the day limit of your selected Annual Medical Plan, you can call Allianz Global Assistance at any time to purchase additional coverage for that trip.

What if I need Trip Cancellation coverage?

Trip Cancellation coverage on an Annual Plan basis is not currently offered on this site. However, if you have a trip during the year that requires you to prepay for flights and other trip expenses in advance of your trip, and you wish to protect your investment, you can come back to this site or call us to purchase a Cancellation Plan for that one trip.

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