Before your trip

Every trip begins with some planning, so before booking your adventure, or pulling out the luggage to pack, make sure that you are fully prepared for your trip. Check out our simple guide to understanding your travel insurance policy wording, a handy pre-trip checklist and an overview of our value-added, free travel assistance mobile app, TripWise. 
Before you travel, it’s important to read your travel insurance policy in detail so that you fully understand what is and isn’t covered. To help you navigate your policy wording, this section provides a simplified breakdown of the contents for travel insurance policies available through this site.
The TripWise app from Allianz Global Assistance is a handy mobile travel companion full of useful, practical features, including an international hospital search tool, flight status tracker, emergency services (911) contact information by country and more. Get TripWise today!
A last minute emergency forces you to cancel your trip. What happens next? To ensure that you know how to handle these types of situations, this section addresses how trip cancellation insurance works and what steps you’ll need to take in the event of an unexpected cancellation.
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