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With a presence in 44 countries, Allianz Global Assistance has been helping Canadians safely explore the world for over 30 years. Our goal is to make your travel insurance experience simple from end to end, so you can focus on enjoying your next adventure.
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Are you a Canadian resident and plan on taking one or two trips this year? We offer coverage in case you need to cancel your trip before leaving, to protect you if you become sick or injured while travelling (emergency medical insurance), and more.
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Are you a Canadian resident and plan to travel more than twice in the upcoming months? We offer emergency medical coverage for an unlimited number of trips within 365 days from the start of your coverage.
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Are you expecting friends or family to visit Canada? Get the protection they need as a new immigrant, international student, temporary worker or Super Visa applicant.

Medical insurance protection in the event of sudden and unforeseen emergency health and medical situations.
Cancel your trip because of an accident, illness or injury to yourself, a family member or travelling companion
Receive coverage if your flight is delayed due to weather conditions, volcanic eruptions, natural disaster, or mechanical failure of the connecting carrier
Replacing lost, stolen or damaged luggage can get expensive. Travel insurance may help cover these costs.
Interbrand Best Global Brands 2022. All for #1 And the world's #1 insurer for all.
As a leading travel insurance company and assistance provider, we help Canadians and Visitors to Canada explore the world with peace of mind.
Commercial activity in 75 countries and over 1.2 million medical providers within our global network
Over 10 million Canadians supported by our travel
assistance services
In-house medical team of licensed physicians and registered nurses
72.5 million cases managed globally in 2022, including 11,037 medical repatriations and 1,056 air ambulances chartered