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You’ve landed safely, but your bags haven’t. You’ve made it to your destination, and you slip and fall stepping off the bus. These are the kinds of sudden and unforeseen events that can change your travel plans and result in a claim for trip cancellation, trip interruption or medical emergency benefits.  Find out what to do and how we can best assist you in these unexpected situations.
Whether it’s a visit to a clinic for a sprained ankle or a trip to the ER for an emergency surgery, we are here to assist you in your moment of need, helping you to locate medical care and monitoring your treatment at every step.
When it comes to travel insurance, medical transportation can be as simple as a ground ambulance, or as complex as an air ambulance to get you to the nearest available medical facility or even back to Canada. Learn more about what medical transportation involves and how we coordinate it when required. 
You’ve missed your connection and the airport has lost your luggage. Benefits for lost, stolen and delayed baggage in the  Cancellation and Medical + Cancellation Plans offered by Allianz Global Assistance can help ease the burden.
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