Annual Medical Plan

Main benefits
  • Emergency Medical
  • Emergency Medical Transportation 
  • Meals and Accommodation
  • Vehicle Return
  • 24-Hour Assistance all over the world

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Travel frequently? Check “travel insurance” off your packing lists for a whole year with the convenient Annual Medical Plan.

If you travel two or more times a year, the Annual Medical Plan can save you money on insurance by providing medical coverage for unlimited trips within one year from purchase.

Travellers can select between a 10-Day Annual Medical Plan, which covers unlimited trips lasting up to 10 days each, or a 30-Day plan, for unlimited trips lasting up to 30 days each. These day limits can be extended for any single trip during the year by calling Allianz Global Assistance for an extension.

For the complete list of coverage benefits under this plan and more details, please view the Policy of Insurance in PDF. (View the accessible PDF version of the policy)

Our Promise to You: All travel insurance plans offered by Allianz Global Assistance include a 10-day "Free Look" period. If you are not satisfied with your coverage after reviewing your Policy of Insurance, you may cancel your policy within 10 days from purchase for a full refund, provided you have not left on your trip or initiated a claim.


Provides reimbursement for certain costs for a medical (including hospitalization) or dental emergency that occurs during your trip.


Covers the cost of safe transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility to receive emergency care. Also includes return medical transportation to Canada for continuing care if required.

$300/Day - Max. $5,000

Covers the cost of meals and accommodations if you and/or your travelling companion are delayed beyond your return date or are receiving medical attention.


Covers certain costs related to returning your vehicle or your rental vehicle to its point of origin if a medical emergency prevents you from doing so.


Provides reimbursement for the cost of returning your pet(s) travelling with you, should you need to return to Canada due to an emergency covered under the Emergency Transportation benefit.


Provides a 24-hour hotline and variety of assistance services in case you encounter an emergency during your travels.

To be eligible, Canadian residents must be insured under a Canadian provincial health insurance plan for the entire duration of their trip.
Based on your age and the length of your trip, our plans specify a period of time prior to your policy’s effective date (either 90 or 180 days) during which an existing medical condition must be stable. If at the time you purchase a policy you do not have an existing medical condition, your coverage may still be impacted should a medical event occur between the date you purchase your policy and the departure date.
Unlimited trips up to 10 or 30 days in length each within a 365-day period.

A medical questionnaire is required for travellers
who are:

  • Age 70-84 years old
Up to 84 years old
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