Does travel insurance
cover travel advisories?

Some circumstances may affect your travel insurance coverage. These include government warnings and advice or warnings of important events reported by the mass media about your destination (e.g. severe weather alert, civil unrest, disease outbreak, etc.). Policies may have a "known events" clause, which means that if the event is already a known risk when the travel insurance policy is purchased, you may not be covered if you have to file a claim linked to this event.

For example, if there's a travel warning in place for the volcanic eruption of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia on  May 1, 2022 and you purchase a policy on  May 2, 2022 and have a subsequent claim for cancelled flights, your claim may be affected. If you claim for a covered unrelated medical expense, it may be unaffected by the travel alert, but it will be assessed based on the terms and conditions of the policy.