5 tips to stay safe while travelling in Jamaica

Silky white-sand beaches, inviting blue waters, warm and fragrant tropical breezes. Jamaica is one of those destinations that can make visitors feel like they’ve stepped into a postcard. As much as travellers might want to immerse themselves in the experience, their protection and safety are still important aspects of planning for and enjoying their trip.

Following are five useful tips on staying safe while abroad and how travel insurance can help. Those who might be wondering, “Is it safe to travel to Jamaica?” should keep in mind that this question also applies when travelling anywhere in the world.

In addition to reading travel-related websites for the best places to stay and things to do while spending time in Jamaica, travellers should also consider researching information such as ways to get around safely and areas to avoid at their destination. A great place to start for Jamaica travel advisories and Jamaica travel warnings is the Government of Canada travel website.
With so many things to do in Jamaica, it’s a good idea for travellers to provide family or someone else at home with details of their trip. Besides enabling those at home to “armchair travel” along, it also allows them to easily contact travel adventurers if necessary while they’re away. Another good idea is for travellers to leave behind copies of passports and other travel documents with a trusted family member or friend, just in case. Travellers should also register with the Canadians Abroad service online or in person at their destination so Canadian government representatives can reach them in an emergency.
A slip on a rock at Runaway Bay Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls or Martha Brae River in Jamaica, for example, could result in an unexpected detour to the nearest doctor’s office or hospital. Severe weather during hurricane season could mean several hours camping out at the airport until flight travel resumes. Travel insurance provides coverage for eligible, unexpected medical and trip-related travel emergencies and is ideal for helping get travellers back on track.
When planning a stay at Jamaica resorts in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s north coast or Kingston, the island’s capital, to the south, few travellers research medical facilities near their Jamaica all-inclusive resort. The TripWise App offers assistance including Hospital Search capabilities, Rx and First-aid Terms with the internationally recognized names of common prescription medications, the ability to translate popular first-aid terms in over 15 languages, and Country Information for quick access to local emergency services (911) numbers. There’s even a place to add the Emergency Assistance toll-free and collect phone numbers, which could save precious time in an emergency.
Whether it’s a trip to Jamaica or anywhere else, common sense should always prevail. For example, there’s safety in numbers and guided tours are a great way for solo travellers, in particular, to discover different places and meet new people. For those who prefer to go exploring alone, hiring a reputable local guide or car service can offer unique connections with the local culture and surroundings. At night, sticking to well-lit and populated areas is a smart way for travellers to enjoy the action and excitement to the fullest while staying safe.
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