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Thailand offers so much for the traveller looking for adventure and new experiences.

From tropical beaches and secluded islands in the south to the rural towns, unique cuisine and rolling hills of the north, Thailand is a country that deserves to be explored from end to end.

Thailand shares borders with Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Time in Thailand is seven hours ahead of Universal Coordinated Time (UCT+7). In 1920, they officially moved their clocks ahead by 17 minutes, 56 seconds to match the time in Southeast Asia.

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Emergency Numbers Dial 1155  
Main Ethnic Groups 75% Thai
14% Thai Chinese
Main Religion 90% Buddhist  
Geographic Facts Capital and Largest City: Bangkok (10.5 million people)  
  • With a 90% Buddhist population, Thai culture is deeply influenced by religion. Throughout the country, the most important values that Thai people hold to are respect, self-control, and a non-confrontational attitude.

  • The royal family are revered across the nation, and disrespect or insults to them can attract criminal penalties.
  • The head is regarded as the most sacred part of the body — never pat a child on the head or touch another person’s. The feet, similarly, are the lowest. When seated make sure you don’t point the soles of your feet at people or religious articles.
  • Sanuk! Fun or light-heartedness underpins much of Thai daily life. Keeping your cool and staying laidback is important. You’ll interact more authentically and it’s easier to enjoy yourself once you surrender to the local way of life.
  • The locals are Thai (singular and plural - 1 Thai, 10 Thai).
  • Sà-wàt-dee  kráp  (M) / Sà-wàt-dee kâ (F) = Hello or good evening/morning
  • Baai baai = Goodbye
  • Chai-yoh = Cheers! (formal event)
  • Kòp kun = Thank you
  • Mai pen rai = Similar meaning to no worries!
November to February is the best time to visit most parts of Thailand — the climate is cooler and everything is lush and green after the wet season.
The weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid across most of the country throughout most of the year. Therefore, Thailand splits their seasons into hot, cool and rainy which is different from the four seasons we are used to.
Cool season
Nov to Feb
22° / 32°

Hot season
Mar to May
26° / 35°

Rainy season
Jun to Oct
26° / 33°
Bangkok has a large public transport network of bus and light rail. Tuk tuks (motorcycle taxis) for shorter trips start around 30 Baht (negotiate a firm price before you depart!). Taxis will be cheaper for anything longer, but may take more time. Bus and rail long distance services are cheap and popular.
Dialing code +66

Visas: Canadian citizens who arrive by air can stay in Thailand up to 30 days. Those entering Thailand overland for tourism purposes may stay up to 15 days. You can stay longer with pre-arranged visas. If you are caught overstaying you may be banned from returning for up to 10 years.
Language: More than 85% speak a dialect of Thai

The drinking age in Thailand is 20 or over. While this may not be heavily regulated, you are still breaking the law if you purchase alcohol underage.
Currency: Thai Baht (CAD$1 = THBB24.17) 
*average rate, 2018-2019.
Tipping - While not customary, is becoming widespread in Thailand. 10% on food and drink bills is fine, 20 Baht for porters/concierge , 100 Baht for a spa massage and taxi fare amount are usually rounded up.  


Drive on the left side of the road.

Electrical / device: 220V - In Thailand, the power plugs and sockets are of type A, B, C, F and O.
  • Thailand was the only SE Asian country not colonised by European powers during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • 136,411 locals across Thailand participated in the world’s biggest bicycle rally for Queen Sirikit’s 83rd Birthday.
  • Thailand once held the record for the most expensive pet wedding — two cats were married in a 400,000 Baht ceremony in 1996.
National icons are the Garuda (half human-half bird) and the Thai Elephant.
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