Road tripping through Canada

The summer season is a perfect time to unplug ourselves from the digital world, reconnect with friends and family, and venture outdoors to experience everything this beautiful country has to offer. From the unforgettable landscapes to the iconic landmarks and everything in between.

And what better way to see it all up close and personal, than through a good ole’ fashion Canadian road trip? So, if you’re planning to explore the back country or visiting distant relatives—consider us your co-pilot as we help prepare, organize, and execute one unforgettable road trip.

  1. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia: Considered one of the most famous road trips in Canada, the 186 miles of winding coastal roads that make up Cabot Trail go around Cape Breton Island to provide spirited travellers with exceptional views. Because there is only one road along the island, don’t take part in this drive if the goal is to go quick. Instead, take it slow and experience all the trail has to offer, including its scenic hikes, beautiful beaches, and eclectic towns.
  2. Icefields Parkway, Alberta: This 144-mile trek between two of Canada’s greatest national parks, Jasper and Banff, are what make the Icefields Parkway so spectacular. Best experienced by those who love nature. Ideal times to travel are during the summer when the months are warmer, and you can stop off at a number of stops along the way. Insider tip: purchase an audio guided tour for an added bit of history and education. 
  3.   Fundy Coast, New Brunswick: Perhaps best known for its quaint fishing villages, idyllic islands, and plethora of aquatic adventures, the drive along Fundy Bay Coast is full of sights, sounds and smells. Be sure to stop off for a fresh Lobster roll, take a ride on the Bay’s exhilarating tidal bores, or hike one of the many historic lighthouses.
  1. Whale Watching. The waters off the coast of Nova Scotia are teeming with a variety of marine life. Perhaps none so majestic or mysterious as the great humpback whale. Stop off to take a guided boat tour and get up close to these gentle giants of the deep. In addition to spotting whales, you may also catch a glimpse of playful seals and elusive dolphins. 
  2.  Hiking Through Banff National Park. As Canada’s oldest and perhaps most historic national park, Banff never fails to disappoint its visitors who adore nature. From the mesmerizing glacial lakes (like Louise and Moraine) to the Rocky Mountain peaks, the views are both stunning and endless. Stretch your legs, by biking along the Legacy Trail or take a dip in the highest operational hot spring.
  3.   Explore the Hopewell Rocks. Standing anywhere from 40 to 70 feet tall, these incredible, natural sandstone structures are a sight to behold. Located on the shores of Fundy Bay, these rocks can even be explored up close and in person at low-tide. Formed from the slow moving force of massive ancient glaciers, these towers of sediment and stone make for some unique and abstract creations. Afterwards, stop off at the visitors center for souvenirs and a meal.
  1. Map Out Gas Stations. Part of the beauty of a cross-country road trip is the independence you feel as you pass through picturesque landscapes. That often means though that you could be travelling along vast stretches of highway for extended periods of time. Sometimes without very few signs of civilization. Because of this, we recommend you properly identify when and where you can safely stop to refuel (or recharge) your vehicle along the way, so that you can be sure you make it to your next stop, and on time. 
  2.  Regularly Check the Weather. It might seem like a no-brainer, but the weather can change at a moment’s notice. One minute it’s sunny and clear, the next it’s windy and rainy. Especially if you’re in the mountains or off the coast where the weather is a little more unpredictable. So that you’re not caught off guard, and unexpectedly stuck in inclement weather, in unfamiliar territory—it’s best to regularly check the status of weather along your trip and ahead of your intended destination.
  3.    Purchase Travel Insurance. Even if you’re travelling in country, it’s always wise to purchase a travel insurance plan. It helps protect you from those unforeseen events along your journey, and most of the time your government provided health insurance may be limited. The added protection you get with a travel insurance plan keeps may provide coverage for unexpected medical expenses, and may even reimburse you for pre-paid tours and packages if your trip is interrupted or cancelled due to a covered reason.

We may not be in the passenger seat during your journey across Canada, but we’ll always have your back whenever (and wherever) you need us. And by purchasing an Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance policy, that coverage may be even greater. Before you travel to another province or territory, take the time to understand the limitations under your provincial health insurance plan while away from home, and what expenses might not be covered if you need emergency medical treatment while on your trip. 

To learn more about how travel insurance works or to find a plan that works best for you visit us online.


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