5 ways visitors to Canada travel insurance helps

After months of planning, your arrival to Canada will soon be a reality. Before landing, you want to ensure you’ve thought of everything to help you have the journey you imagined. One item you might overlook, or maybe not even think about, is Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance. In fact, insurance for visitors travelling in Canada should be the top item on your list of things to arrange for ahead of your trip, particularly if you’re planning a longer stay. Following are five reasons why.
If you’re coming to Canada to stay for an extended duration, such as for temporary work, or for education as an international student, or as an immigrant, the hope is that your arrangements will go exactly as planned. If not and you need to see the doctor or go to the hospital, being uninsured might mean that you think twice about seeking medical attention due to the potentially high cost of treatment. With visitor insurance to Canada, coverage includes medical emergency benefits, as well as access to 24/7 assistance, referrals to qualified healthcare providers, monitoring of care by medical case managers as well as other eligible benefits outlined in the Visitors to Canada Plan.
Healthcare in Canada is expensive and non-residents without a government health insurance plan must pay for their own treatment. While you may have left room in your travel budget for a few additional expenses, the extra funds are probably not enough to cover medical bills of up to $10,000 or more, depending on your medical emergency. Visitor insurance for your stay in Canada helps cover these unplanned expenses so you can save your travel dollars for the rest of your stay in Canada.
It’s already a long way to travel to Canada and because of this, you might be thinking of visiting other nearby countries while you’re here. What’s great about visitor medical insurance is that it covers you for any other trips you make outside of your country of origin during your stay, as long as the majority of your coverage period is spent in Canada, and you meet the visa requirements expected by other countries.  Plus, returning home and back to Canada is eligible, without interruption to your coverage, as long as it takes place within your original policy period.
A new grandchild, or an extended stay with family are both reasons you might want to spend several months or years in Canada, via the Super Visa program. Before your Super Visa application can be approved, you’ll need to provide proof of travel insurance for parents and grandparents. The Visitors to Canada Plan with appropriate coverage limits meets Super Visa requirements while at the same time offering valuable protection for you and your finances so you can focus on enjoying your time with your loved ones.

Maybe you’re looking forward to beginning a temporary job or will be moving to Canada as a newly landed immigrant. Upon your arrival, you wouldn’t have access to government health insurance plans which cover Canadian residents. With visitor medical insurance, eligible emergency doctor and dentist visits, prescription medication and more could be covered if you experience an unforeseen medical emergency until any government healthcare you’re entitled to takes effect.

Good planning before your trip to Canada is essential. When your plans include Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the many new and memorable experiences you’ll enjoy while you’re here.

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