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Managing a medical emergency on your trip

If you need to seek medical attention while travelling, contact Allianz Global Assistance before seeking medical treatment if possible. If experiencing a more serious medical emergency, have a family member contact us from the hospital once you are there.

To reach Allianz Global Assistance, you can call us toll free in North America at 1-844-310-1578.

If you are outside North America, you can call us collect 1-519-514-0355. International operator assistance may be required for collect calls, so please confirm how to call collect to Canada from your destination before leaving.

When you call Allianz Global Assistance, here’s how your covered medical emergency will typically be handled and the key steps that will be initiated on your behalf:

1. Referral to the nearest appropriate facility

When contacting us in advance of treatment, our 24/7 Emergency Assistance team can assist by providing an immediate referral to the nearest medical facility, and contacting them on your behalf in advance so they are prepared when you arrive.

2. Arranging billing with the medical facility

Paperwork during a medical emergency is a nuisance, and yet, a necessary part of the process. Allianz Global Assistance will clear the way for you to be admitted to the hospital or clinic in order to receive medical treatment.  We will arrange for direct billing whenever possible so you do not have to pay out of pocket.

3. Ensuring that you receive the necessary medical treatment

Whether you land in the ER for a minor injury requiring outpatient care, or if you need to be hospitalized for additional diagnostic tests or surgery (inpatient care), you might be worried about the quality of care, particularly if there is a language / communication barrier. This is where your Allianz Global Assistance benefits become invaluable.  In Canada, Allianz Global Assistance has a dedicated team of over 20 licensed medical doctors and registered nurses who work collaboratively with their hospital counterparts on your behalf to manage your case and ensure you’re receiving appropriate and necessary medical care.

4. Communicating and coordinating with both treating and family physicians

Allianz Global Assistance will also help manage the back and forth communication between your family physician back home in Canada, and the treating physician at your destination. We will also stay in communication with your family or travelling companion so they are up to date on the status of your care.

5. If required, arranging for air ambulance to return you to Canada

Depending on the severity of your illness and the stability of your condition, Allianz Global Assistance may recommend your transportation (or medical repatriation) back to Canada for further treatment or surgery at a hospital closer to home. Allianz Global Assistance would arrange for this on your behalf and coordinate your arrival at the hospital in Canada, once a bed was made available for you.

In any medical emergency, you can count on Allianz Global Assistance to facilitate your medical care and treatment and work diligently to ensure your recovery.

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