The benefits of buying a multi-trip travel insurance

An annual family vacation, a last-minute business trip, a cross-border shopping expedition…If you think about how many times you end up travelling outside of your home province or territory, the number can really add up. 

According to an international study conducted for Allianz Global Assistance, 69% of Canadians travel within Canada at least once a year. That same study revealed that only 22% have travel insurance for each trip*. While you might think of getting coverage for your one big getaway for the year, you might not do the same for shorter trips you take at other times, especially if you’ll be staying within Canada. Multi-trip annual travel insurance, or yearly travel insurance, makes it easy and convenient to stay protected again and again, without having to give trip insurance a second thought.

Let’s say for example, you’ve been inspired by Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations to embark on an adventure trip out West, a discovery expedition through the Canadian Arctic or a breathtaking cruise among the Maritime fjords. While the possibility might be low, the unexpected can happen at any time, anywhere, regardless of how long you’ll be gone or how far you’ll be going. Even if you don’t consider yourself a frequent traveller, multiple trip, or annual travel medical insurance can be invaluable.

If something does happen while you’re in another province or territory, your Canadian government health insurance plan coverage may be limited. The last thing you want is to have skipped getting coverage “just that one time” or assumed that you were already covered by a Canadiangovernment health care plan. Doing either could mean you’re left with a bill costing thousands of dollars for an emergency ride to the nearest hospital, a stay in intensive care or a medically necessary nurse attendant to accompany you back to a hospital for further care in your hometown.

Two trips, whether domestic or international, is all it takes to be on your way to frequent traveller status. When it comes to planning ahead for the trips you know about – and the ones you don’t, an annual travel medical plan or multi-trip medical insurance is the smart – and affordable – choice for all your protection needs.

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Source: International study on travel insurance services, opinionway, May 2017.
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