Is annual multi-trip travel insurance worth it?

Travel is an essential part of life. The opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and see new places adds a richness and fullness to the day-to-day routine, and seeing how other people around the world live is fascinating. For those fortunate enough to travel multiple times a year, there are few things as important as good planning and securing the best possible travel insurance protection in the case of unforeseen incidents or illnesses.

But is travel insurance for multiple trips worth it? For Canadians travelling frequently, an Annual Medical Plan offers peace of mind, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the travel experience without worry. Here are top five reasons why buying travel insurance that provides coverage for unlimited trips within the year is worth it!

Part of the enjoyment of travelling is in the planning, whether you’re imagining new and unseen destinations or anticipating a trip to a tried and true favourite place. The imagination gets going and the excitement builds. Rather than have to worry each time you book a trip, savvy frequent travellers simply buy travel insurance annually, covering them for all trips subject to a specified day limit, such as 10 days or 30 days. Annual travel insurance offers the flexibility to get up and go if the mood strikes. Whether you have frequent flyer miles that need using or a grandchild that arrives early, the ability to travel spontaneously is made that much simpler with annual travel insurance. No hassle, no worry.
Protecting yourself with medical travel insurance just makes sense, and all it takes is a minimum of two trips in a year to see some cost savings with an annual comprehensive travel insurance plan option. The more you travel, the more cost-effective the annual plan becomes! Savvy travellers always carry an annual plan so they save money and are able to make the most of their travel dollars. And having coverage means not having to worry about jetting off on the spur of the moment.
Think about it: you don’t buy home or auto insurance on a short-term or ad hoc basis. It makes no sense. It’s the same with travel insurance. Most insurance is designed to protect you without interruption and the same is true of travel insurance. When you travel for 10 days or 30 days at a time within the course of a year, an annual plan provides coverage for those short-term trips. If you always travel for your birthday or an anniversary, make that the date that you purchase and then renew your policy annually. This way you won’t need to purchase it every time you take a trip.
Purchasing travel insurance shouldn’t be a last-minute, rushed decision. Getting ready to take a trip often requires extra time, energy and planning so having travel insurance already in place means one less thing on the ‘to-do’ list. Purchasing an annual plan ahead of time lets you do the research and choose the plan suited to your needs. Then, you can travel stress-free knowing that you have done your due diligence.

Regardless if you take two trips or eight trips a year, annual travel insurance for multiple trips is worth it.


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