Why is annual travel insurance a great gift for travellers?

If your loved one likes to travel, chances are they already have their favourite, stylish luggage, the latest foldable and compact gadgets, and quick dry everything. So, if you’re searching for a travel-related gift, you may feel you’re out of luck. But that’s not the case!

People who love travel value novel and exciting experiences. More material things, stuff they can’t take jetsetting, probably isn’t at the top of their wish list. Annual travel insurance is the perfect gift for travellers who don’t want to be weighed down on their next adventure. You also have the peace of mind that your loved one will be protected during their travels.

Here are our five top reasons annual travel insurance is the ideal gift for frequent travellers. 

If your loved one travels two or more times a year, a travel insurance policy that offers year-round protection is often most-cost effective. Allianz Global Assistance offers various annual plan options, which will cover unlimited trips for your traveller. Day limits on annual plans can be extended for a single trip during the year by calling Allianz Global Assistance for an extension.

Worried about your son being safe on the backpacking trips in Europe and Asia he has planned this year? You should know that your loved one’s government issued health insurance doesn’t offer coverage abroad.

Let’s say he injures himself in a rural area and requires emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital — your purchase of an annual travel insurance plan from Allianz could help your son avoid costly medical bills. Even if your loved one isn’t one for going off the beaten path, emergencies can still happen anywhere.

Let’s say your loved one may not have time to travel abroad, but spends every long weekend and spare vacation day on a road trip. She always makes the drive to go leaf peeping in Nova Scotia every fall and loads up the car for summer camping in Banff. Travel insurance is still important for road trippers because Canadian government health insurance plans won’t fully protect you during dental and medical emergencies outside of your home province.
You know your granddaughter. She always waits until the last minute. Her carefree attitude is endearing, but when it comes to her safety while travelling, you want to make sure she’s protected. Giving her annual travel insurance can prevent any expensive medical bills if she habitually forgets to purchase coverage before her trip. And if you spent too long agonizing over the perfect gift and her birthday is near, then travel insurance is a gift that is both considerate and practical.

You’ve worried about your loved one ever since they caught the travel bug. Is my daughter okay solo backpacking? Will my parents be okay on their cross country road trip? You’re buying yourself peace of mind when you purchase travel insurance for your loved one.

As a world leader in travel protection, we help millions of Canadians annually answer the call of adventure with confidence every year. Let us be there for your loved one, too.

Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators Group of Companies, administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc.
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