Discover Greece travel guide 

This southern European country is a magnet for tourists.

People flock to Greece to spend time in the sun on the many beautiful islands throughout the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas, and history buffs enjoy exploring cities rich in history. Full of outdoor adventures, Greece is a must-do for travellers looking for a lower cost travel option in Europe.

Greece shares a land border with Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia. Greece runs on Eastern European Time (EET) which is 2 hours ahead of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC+2) during winter and 3 hours ahead during summer.

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Emergency Numbers

Medical emergency dial 112
Police dial 100
Fire dial 199

Main Ethnic Groups

98% Greeks
2% Others

Main Religion

90% Christian Orthodox

Geographic Facts Capital and largest city: Athens (665,000 people)  
  • Greeks have a proud culture and speak of their country with passion and a sense of belonging. They can however feel a little bit behind the times of some other European countries so there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Greeks are the heaviest smokers in Europe, so you may find that smoking is hard to avoid — even in restaurants and other indoor spaces.
  • A common hand gesture (similar to a wave) usually seen by angry drivers is the moutza, which is an extended hand with five fingers open. This is a rude gesture and should be avoided.
  • In general, Greeks are exceptionally friendly and curious, to an extent that can seem intrusive. Don’t be surprised at being asked personal questions, even on short acquaintance, or having your personal space invaded.
  • Kalimera = Good Morning
  • Efkharisto = Thank you
  • Parakalo = Your welcome
  • Ti kaniz? = How are you?
  • Yassou = Hello
Greece is an excellent place to visit all year round because of its mild and generally warm weather, but Summer is best for the warmest ocean water for swimming, snorkelling and diving.
Greece has four seasons with mild winters and warm, sunshine- filled summers. Temperatures below are averages for Santorini:
Jun to Aug
20° / 26°
Sep to Nov
21° / 26°
Dec to Feb
12° / 16°
Mar to May
11° / 16°
Greece has a comfortable and good bus system around the country and an extensive ferry system for island hopping. On most of the smaller islands you can get around on foot or you can rent a scooter or car. However, if you are planning on visiting Athens city centre, it’s best to catch the metro or bus to see all the sights. Athens can be difficult to drive in with poor signage, no parking and crazy traffic.
Dialing code +30
Visa - A visa is not required for stays up to 90 days.
The drinking age in Greece is 18 or over.
Tipping is not compulsory but 5-10% for restaurants, bars, and taxi drivers is a good guide.
Language is Greek.

Electrical / device: 230 volts. Type C and F electrical plug.
Drive on the right side of the road.
Euro (CAD$1 = €0.66)
*average rate, 2017-2021
  • The first Olympics were held in Greece in 776 BC and the oldest surviving Olympic measurements were from Chionis of Sparta who long jumped 7.05m and threw a discus 46.3m.
  • Greece was the first country to ban all video games in 2002 to stop illegal gambling, however they quickly amended the law to allow games provided there was no financial gain for the player or any third party.
National icons are the Laurel Wreath and the Acropolis.
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