10 of the world's best food festivals for any food lover

For food lovers, enjoying local cuisine while travelling goes beyond stopping in at a café in France for a croissant or in Italy for a cappuccino while sightseeing. In fact, foodies may plan their entire itinerary around international food festivals celebrating everything from a single ingredient to gourmet feasts. Combining a love of food while travelling can also serve as a tasty way to discover new places and cultures.

Following is a list of international food festivals that can help indulge in culinary travel. Whatever your taste, travel insurance can help ensure every experience is both satisfying and safe.

  1. Tokyo Ramen Show, Japan – Here, high-class chefs transform noodles in broth into meals that are unrecognizable from what you might know as a quick and simple budget-friendly convenience food.
  2. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Australia – This annual festival boasts more than 200 events held in an eclectic mix of venues from restaurants to rooftops, which provides the more than 250,000 attendees with plenty of opportunities to spot a celebrity chef or two.
  3. Prague Food Festival, Czech Republic – At this and many international food festivals, reservations aren’t required to enjoy gourmet dishes typically only available in higher-end restaurants – perfect for the foodie who appreciates the tasting menu as a way to sample a variety of gastronomical delights.
  4. Seattle Street Food Festival, USA – This food truck festival is one of many that celebrate food truck fare, which has expanded to include high-quality, diverse and funky offerings such as Korean-Mexican fusions, and more.
  5. Dubai Food Festival, United Arab Emirates – Food lovers craving international cuisine should plan a trip to this event, which offers a global selection that will hit the spot whether you want to experience street food while on the go or prefer a leisurely meal at a fine-dining restaurant.
  6. Cayman Cookout, Cayman Islands – It’s no surprise that reservations are a must for this food festival, considered one of the world’s best. It features chefs, sommeliers and more serving up some of their finest culinary creations along breathtaking Seven Mile Beach.
  7. Taste of Chicago, USA – Tantalizing samples, thrilling entertainment and more are on offer at this casual, highly interactive and fun food festival , which is among the best in the US. Here, visitors can sample popular dishes prepared by local restaurants and food vendors while enjoying live concerts and other family-friendly activities.
  8. Niagara Icewine Festival, Canada – Food and wine go hand in hand and this winter festival highlights that perfectly by pairing ice wine with Canadian dishes that reflect some of the best that this country has to offer.
  9. Chanthaburi Fruit Festival, Thailand – Whether you prefer to eat them alone or in dishes prepared for breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruits are the star ingredient at this 10-day harvest celebration of exotic fruits including mangosteen, dragon fruit and jackfruit.
  10. Chocolate Festivals, Ecuador – When you think chocolate, places like France and Switzerland might immediately come to mind. However, Ecuador produces some of the world’s finest chocolate, making this an ideal destination for food lovers who enjoy indulging in this irresistible confection.

When planning a culinary adventure, remember that beyond the culinary experience, many food and wine festivals offer a variety of activities to help work up an appetite or burn off some calories.

At the outset of any culinary adventure, consider purchasing travel insurance in the form of emergency medical coverage or medical and trip cancellation & interruption coverage, which can come in handy if your unfamiliar food experiences unexpectedly take you from the chef’s table to the local medical clinic. Just in case you have one serving too many of your favourite dish, cut yourself during a knife skills workshop or your wine tour gets rained out, travel insurance can be the essential ingredient you’ll be glad to have at your destination – whether or not you’re just there for the food.

Important note: Before planning your food travel itinerary, always consult the Canadian Government website for further advisory on the destination you are planning to travel.

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