Planning an affordable luxury holiday

If you think you can’t afford luxury travel, check out these money saving tips. You can be pampered on your next vacation without breaking the bank. Here’s how to plan, what deals to look for and where to go for a luxury vacation on a budget. 

Do you see yourself lounging on the white sand beaches of Cancun or eating a decadent meal at a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris? None of this is out of reach. Your first step to planning that dream vacation on a budget is deciding when and how to treat yourself.

Shift your budget to prioritize luxury experiences you can’t do without. If you envision epic spa days, perhaps spend less on other aspects of your vacation, such as wild nights out on the town. If fine dining is something you can’t live without, check out prix fixe menus or splurge on lunch instead of dinner.  

Make the deals come to you by signing up for email newsletters, which can inform you about airline, hotel, vacation package and credit card deals. As an example, Lonely Planet includes tips and exclusive offers. 

Booking discounted flight and hotel bundles through travel search engines can also result in a significant savings. If you want a luxury experience, limit your bundle search to those including three- and four-star hotels.  

You can also save money on a more comfortable flying experience by waiting until check-in to upgrade your tickets. “Very often airlines want to sell some extras that are still available for the flights. At the last minute, they have better prices.” writes HER.  

Travel insurance is essential for any trip. Did you know that your Canadian government health insurance plan may not provide full coverage if you experience a medical or dental emergency outside of your home province?  

Travel insurance by Allianz Global Assistance with emergency medical benefits can help you fill expensive coverage gaps. We also reimburse non-refundable expenses if your trip is cancelled or delayed for a covered reason, such as illness.  

Choose a destination that is known to be less expensive. For example, eastern Europe is generally less expensive than western Europe. Save even more money by travelling during the off or shoulder season. This will have the added benefit of more hotels to choose from, shorter waits to enter attractions and faster, more attentive restaurant service. 

Stay in less touristy parts of town to save money on a luxury hotel. And if your schedule allows and you’re not keen on a specific destination, you can book flights or a hotel at the last minute, which can save hundreds.  

Look into city passes for your destination, which often offer discounted or free tickets to attractions, and discounts for transit and restaurants. Consider transit passes such as those by Eurail, which allow you to see multiple regions for a single fee. Another example is the Japan Rail Pass, which offers unlimited rail travel to foreign tourists over set lengths of time.  

A stopover is the best way to fly to two cities for the cost of one. A practice of many airlines in Europe and the Gulf states, the stopover is basically a super extended layover. You book your departure from home to your destination with the anticipation that you will have a stop midway at a major airport hub, with a few days or even a week to explore the city.  Some carriers will even offer deals on travel packages and hotel stays in their home hubs.

Luxury travel doesn’t need to be expensive and can be done on a budget. Make sure to prepare yourself well in advance and spend some time researching your options to enjoy a pampered and luxurious vacation. 

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