Travel planning

With so much information available on social media, blogs, videos, and websites, planning a trip can become a daunting task and can easily get overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Find out all you should know to help plan your next trip with our extensive library of travel planning related articles.

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All travellers bound for Canada need to download and use the ArriveCan app as part of the entry requirements imposed by the Government of Canada to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This guide helps you to easily navigate the app.
Protecting yourself with travel insurance is essential, particularly when you are expecting a baby. But it’s also important to know what circumstances travel insurance will or will not cover your pregnancy.
A gap year is typically an opportunity for experiential learning, self-discovery, and transferrable skill development. Get useful information that will help you plan for your own gap year.
Do you know which shoes you should pack for your next trip? Here are some insightful tips on how to pick the best travel footwear for your next travel adventure.
Shared economy services have revolutionized the way people travel. But, there are lots of pros and cons to be aware of. Here are five tips to help you navigate safely through options when travelling and planning your trip.
Learn how to safeguard your cash and valuables while travelling and how travel insurance can help if you are the victim of theft.
Learn important drone travel packing tips, especially if you plan to take drone travel videos and photography. We also list some of the best places for drone photography and feature travel protection for you and your equipment.
Find out what the best places are for cross-border shopping in the United-States and get insightful tips related to travel insurance, duty free limits, cell phone roaming, and Cannabis rules for Canadian travellers.
Road trips are an ideal way for anyone visiting or new to Canada, to discover the country. Learn how to set a cross-Canada itinerary, as well as tips on how to choose your destinations, and how to travel safely with travel insurance.
Are you planning your first or a new backpacking adventure? Our list of must-pack items will help you to tackle nearly every situation you can think of.
Get ideas to maximize the enjoyment of visiting relatives and out-of-town guests including preparations to make them feel at home, planning things to do with them and how to set the right expectations.
Whether it is a solo adventure, family vacation or business travel, the right travel mobile apps can make a huge difference in terms of having a smooth and enjoyable trip experience. Here’s a list of the best apps every traveller should have on their phones.
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