European Union to require travel fees 

If you’re planning a fall trip to Europe, you’ll be required to pay a fee to enter nations in the Schengen Zone. Starting in November 2023, travellers from Canada, the United States and 57 other visa exempt nations must register on the European Travel and Information Authorization system and pay a €7 fee before visiting the European Union, and nations of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. ETIAS had originally been scheduled for a late 2022 roll out.  

Fortunately, the ETIAS process doesn’t require as much time as obtaining a visa – it takes about 20 minutes to complete – and it isn’t as expensive. Similar to Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorization, ETIAS is a border protection measure. Most travellers will receive ETIAS approval within minutes of registration and confirmation will be emailed. There’s a small chance that approval could take up to 30 days. If denied approval, applicants may submit an appeal, a memo issued by the EU says. Additionally, your passport must be valid for at least three months from the date of your planned arrival in Europe before logging onto ETIAS. 

There are a couple important details to keep in mind before logging onto ETIAS:

  • Currently, Canadians and third-party nationals can’t stay in the EU for more than 90 days within every 180-day period: The rule will still apply under ETIAS. But the authorization is valid for an unlimited number of entries over three years.
  • The ETIAS alone won’t permit you to be employed or work in the Schengen Zone. Travellers from Canada who wish to stay in the Schengen Area for longer than 90 consecutive days, or to travel for purposes other than those permitted with ETIAS, such as to work or study, are required to apply for a visa from the embassy or consulate of the country they plan to visit. Be sure to inquire with the embassy or consulate about the documents required for your visa application.  

Here's what you need to complete an ETIAS application:

  • Name and surname
  • Nationality
  • Date, place, and country of birth
  • Current address
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue/expiry date 

  • If you’re brainstorming incredible destinations in addition to Europe for your fall travel itinerary, consider visiting nations in regions that have recently relaxed visa requirements for Canadians and other applicable foreign nationals. 
  • Japan has some of the world’s strictest guidelines concerning COVID-19 and tourism. As of August 18, Japan allows Canadian and U.S. nationals to apply for 90-day temporary visas for business, tourism and visiting relatives. Starting September 7, independent tourists may enter the country without joining a guided tour group, but the pandemic era requirement that tourists book flights and accommodation via a travel agency still stands.
  • If you’ve missed lounging beside clear waters, consider visiting the Seychelles islands off the coast of East Africa. The  islands are incredibly open to visitors. Upon arrival, travellers can extend tourist visas in increments of three months at a time, as long as they don’t exceed a year. Be sure to keep in mind changes in COVID-19 testing requirements for foreigners visiting the Seychelles.
  • And have you ever thought of sightseeing while working in New Zealand, the nation whose breathtaking and variable landscape was featured in The Lord of Rings film trilogy? If so, your dream is closer to becoming reality. New Zealand completely closed its borders to tourists due to the pandemic, but has temporarily relaxed its work visa rules to alleviate a labor shortage. The country has expanded the number of working holiday visas to be issued from 2022 - 2023, and foreign nationals already in New Zealand under the visas are eligible to extend their stay.

And it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance before any trip abroad.

Tourists often assume factors such as favorable political climates, and extensive access to world-class medical facilities, mean that travel insurance isn’t a necessity for sightseeing in certain countries. But it’s important to know that many domestic health insurance policies will not cover you abroad; but travel insurance can help you fill gaps in your domestic health insurance. Allianz Global Assistance offers benefits for a range of budgets, some of which are critical in emergency situations. We provide medically necessary transportation to the nearest healthcare facility, and emergency medical benefits for losses due to covered emergencies. We can also help with travel snags that aren’t health related; Allianz Global Assistance Trip Cancellation benefits can reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if your trip is canceled or interrupted due to a covered reason.  

Our   TripWise™ mobile app can assist with health needs such as providing the locations of medical facilities and the best way to get to them. Don’t know 9-1-1 in Madrid? No worries, international emergency numbers are easily accessed in the app. The also provides translations in 18 languages for popular prescriptions and first aid items, and 24/7 access to on-call travel experts who can help get emergency claims started. And with just a couple thumb swipes, you can file and check the status of claims. 

Get a quote to find out how travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance can help make your European get-away blissfully stress free.  

Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators Group of Companies, administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc.

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