How to plan your road trip across Canada

Canada is a long way to travel for most visitors. If they have the opportunity to spend a longer time here, it’s no surprise that they would want to see as much of it as they can while they’re here. The thing is, at 9,984,670 Km2, Canada has a lot of territory to cover, especially when taking a road trip across Canada.

So, how to decide which travel sites across Canada to visit? The answer: destination hopping. With a good plan and a well-packed bag that includes Visitors to Canada travel insurance, it can be a great way to get your feet wet or enjoy a fully immersive experience in everything that a Canada vacation has to offer.

The possibilities are almost endless when putting together a Canada road trip itinerary. Whether you’re someone putting down permanent roots in Canada, on a temporary work assignment, or visiting on a Super Visa, consider the following to help focus the options for seeing what this country has to offer:

  • Refine your target destination(s): Will your trip take you mainly to major cities, the East or West coast or both? To get more familiar with this country, consult a Canada road trip map.
  • Choose the trip destinations for your Cross Canada adventure: Have you always wanted to embark on a Northern expedition, experience key urban culture centres, commune with cowboys in the Canadian “Wild” West?
  • Time your visit appropriately: Will the season be right for skiing or hiking, viewing the Northern lights or midnight sun, watching tulips blooming or leaves changing colours?
  • Set realistic expectations: Is your trip long enough for all the things you want to see while driving across Canada?
  • Plan your cross-Canada road trip costs and set a budget -> Which city has the best car rental rates? How much gas will you need? Where will you eat and sleep?
When destination-hopping around Canada, it’s important to pace yourself, especially if you’re a visitor who’s older or not yet used to the climate. Jet lag can set in quickly if taking multiple flights or crossing different time zones. Hurrying to make a travel connection could end up slowing you down if it results in a twisted ankle. The symptoms of heat stroke, sun stroke or dehydration can take their toll well before you feel their effects if you’re spending time outdoors. When planning for possibilities such as these, leave plenty of time for travelling to and catching connections at airports, cruise terminals and other points of departure. Also, be sure to make time to rest along the way – and get plenty of sleep to help feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. Just in case, have a plan in place if the unexpected does happen.

While there are lots of great tips available on how to pack for a great trip, probably the best packing tip is to make sure you have Visitors to Canada insurance. If you experience an emergency while on the road in Canada, and you need medical treatment, for example, it could be very costly, totalling more than $10,000 CAD.

Visitors to Canada travel insurance benefits also include 24/7 emergency assistance. Our assistance team acts as a link between you and the doctor or hospital during your care, and your coverage can help pay the bill once your treatment is complete. Pair these and the other insurance for Visitors to Canada benefits with the free TripWise travel app, which offers useful tools and information to assist you in the event of a travel emergency, and you’re ready for your Canadian road trip adventure that takes you from one great experience to another.

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