Tips for travelling with a drone

Interested in travelling with your drone, but unsure of how to prepare? An important factor to consider is checking out if the travel protection you plan to purchase covers the total value of your drone in case it gets mishandled by the airliner or stolen during the trip, for example. The amount covered on such situations varies across different insurance providers.

Whether the goal is to capture incredible photo or video footage to remember a special moment, share on social media, or use in a personal drone racing league vlog, the following can help ensure an enjoyable experience.

  • When researching the best and coolest places to fly drones, travellers should ensure they’re familiar with the laws at their destination to determine if flying a drone is permitted or where drone no-fly zones are located.
  • Check to confirm that drones and any extra batteries comply with transportation authority regulations, and policies at home and at the intended destination.
  • Place a drone in a sturdy travel bag or case to help protect it from getting damaged in transit.
  • Include a drone and batteries with carry-on luggage. Check with the airline before heading to the airport for any restrictions on doing so.
  • Cache flight locations maps ahead of time so they’re easily accessible, even when flying offline.
  • At security checkpoints, put batteries in their own bin so they’re easy to inspect.
  • Store extra propellers and a small toolkit with checked luggage for minor repairs that might be needed while flying a drone.
  • Make a flight plan in advance to help capture any required footage and avoid obstacles in the drone’s path.
  • Shoot at least three different shots (ex. backward, upward, and panning) to really help capture the location. Switching up shooting angles can also make for more interesting footage.
  • Download, upload or back up your footage as soon as possible so it’s not lost.
  • Barcelona, Spain – One of the most accessible major urban areas for flying a drone, this city draws enthusiasts excited to discover varied and colourful urban views.
  • Corfu, Greece – Here, breathtaking aerial scenes of white sand and blue sea seem to go on forever.
  • Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland – Unimpeded flying offers the freedom to enjoy visuals that include natural scenery and castle ruins.
  • Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Brazil – Waterfalls, rock formations and outcrops of crystals are easy to admire in the Earth’s brightest point as seen from space.
  • Valle Nevado, Chile – The natural surroundings are ideal both as a backdrop or the centre of attention on film or video.
  • Like a putter on a golf trip or poles on a skiing vacation, drone equipment is essential when planning to fly a drone when travelling. Because protecting it also means protecting the experience, travel insurance is a must – just in case. In addition to emergency medical benefits for the travelling drone pilot-, further protection included under baggage coverage may be available if a drone or other essential travel items are lost, stolen or damaged (other than while operating it) during their trip. Similarly, if travellers experience a sudden and unforeseen emergency and it was medically necessary to return home, benefits could also be available to transport their drone and related equipment back to them at home. Always check with your travel insurance provider the total amount covered for expenses related to return equipment or belongings.
  • Regardless of your ultimate drone-flying destination, consider taking out travel insurance for your trip. Whether it’s in the form of medical emergency, or trip cancellation and interruption, or ideally, a combination of the two, travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance comes with valuable 24/7 emergency assistance offered by our caring, trusted employees.

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Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators Group of Companies, administered by Allianz Global Assistance, which is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc.

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