Trip Cancellation: covered reasons explained

The planning stages to a vacation or extended trip are often filled with excitement and enthusiasm. When to go, what to see, where to eat? It also isn’t without its share of stress at times. After all, what happens if your trip is interrupted or cancelled? All the time, energy, and non-refundable expenses can be sabotaged in an instant before your journey even begins.

However, depending on which travel insurance plan you purchase, like the ones available from Allianz Global Assistance—you may be eligible for coverage for financial reimbursement.

Covered reasons are certain situations and events that, when they occur, mean you may be eligible to make a claim. At Allianz Global Assistance, we design our travel insurance products to include a broad range of covered reasons, because we want to protect our customers from the most common mishaps that happen while travelling.

No two travel insurance policies are the same, but there are numerous reasons that may be eligible for coverage that generally are included. For example:

Military or Jury Duty | As if getting summoned for active military or jury duty isn’t jarring enough, what if your service term is scheduled for the same period as your trip? Odds are, you are eligible for coverage under trip cancellation coverage. However, for full coverage and reimbursement, the summoned term must likely be after your travel insurance plan’s effective start date.

Natural Disasters | Earthquakes. Flooding. Wildfires. These are the types of Natural Disasters that are typically eligible for coverage with a trip cancellation policy. These scenarios are often completely unforeseen, and therefore unexpected when you make your plans. If you are unable to start your trip or your itinerary is interrupted or delayed because of them, you can make a claim to recoup non-refundable expenses.

Illness, Injury or Death | An unexpected illness, injury, or worse, death to you or a travel companion can be life changing. On top of that, hospital bills or funeral costs can add up quickly. But most trip cancellation policies protect you or your loved ones in this scenario.

Pregnancy | Sometimes life can interrupt you in the most joyful way, like the birth of a child. Fortunately, you may be reimbursed for trip expenses if your departure or return date falls within 8 weeks before the expected delivery date, or if a physician advises against travel, after your plans have been made. This only applies if the pregnancy is confirmed after the booking date or the date the insurance is purchased.

Important Travel Documents | Travelling internationally requires careful planning, and there are often many things you need to be sure of before leaving. One of which is that you have the appropriate travel documents (like valid passport, work visa, etc.) to enter another country. But if you fail to obtain the correct documents, or your passport is stolen—both scenarios may be eligible for coverage if they happen beyond your control. You may receive reimbursement for your interrupted trip, by making a claim. 

Travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits is designed to reimburse you for those prepaid, non-refundable expenses in case you must cancel your trip for a covered reason. But it's not a cure-all. While we understand that everyone's circumstances are unique, not all claims may be eligible. Be sure to read through your policy thoroughly before making any claims and keep track of all receipts for pre-paid expenses for your trip.

To learn more about trip cancellation coverage or covered reasons offered through Allianz Global Assistance, visit us online.

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