Top five honeymoon travel options

Image of a couple in love in Cappadocia

The honeymoon. For many, it is even more highly anticipated than the wedding itself! But the many choices for where to go are endless and often overwhelming. So which honeymoon destinations are among the best of the best?

Well, perfect honeymoon destinations tend to be the ones that most closely suit the happy couple. If you and your beloved are hard core outdoor enthusiasts, then an over-the-top all-inclusive on the Mayan Riviera may not be the right fit. But what is always the right fit for every honeymoon is travel insurance.

Even top honeymoon destinations can experience a natural disaster! Your honeymoon is a big investment, and you rightly want it to be a perfect follow-up to your big day. The absolute ideal way to do this is by making sure your investment is adequately protected. Read on for some of the best honeymoon places in the world!

We’ve all seen the pictures. Those gorgeous little huts out over a crystal blue ocean. Warm, salty breezes and cool, sweet cocktails. It’s a recipe made in paradise, and this honeymoon destination truly is. However, no matter where you are travelling from, it is likely a journey to get there. At least two flights in many cases, land transfers and perhaps more. So, make sure to carry your valuables on your person (i.e. in your carry-on luggage) and make sure your travel insurance policy covers lost, damaged, and delayed baggage.
Walking hand-in-hand down a cobbled street in Venice, taking in the view from a Parisian café , sipping champagne on the Dubrovnik seafront. There are dozens of romantic cities around the world (and in Canada) that make for unique honeymoon ideas. Exploring a new city with your new spouse is an exciting adventure that’s hard to beat. We suggest taking your time and allowing for several days’ stay so you can really sink into a city’s vibe. Visit local markets, check out the quirky shops and bask in your temporarily slower pace of life.
Athletic honeymoon destinations are becoming increasingly popular. An ambitious trek can bring a newly married couple even closer together. From summits to safaris, some of the most memorable honeymoon destinations are found outside. Thorough planning can make a big difference in your special time; the icing on the cake is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers all potential pitfalls.

There are countless fabulous honeymoon destinations that are accessible via car. The US has some particularly famous ones—Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Hana Coastline to name a few. Travelling by car allows you to take things a little more slowly so you can make a leisurely stop at a roadside diner or the local county fair. It’s important though to remember not to leave valuables in your car and be sure to bring all your luggage inside at night. Before you head out, pack your open mind and bring a copy of your travel insurance policy, and you’ll be set for almost anything!

Whatever way you decide to go for your dream honeymoon destination, there aren’t many bad choices. Think about what would work best for you, your spouse and your budget. Speak with a travel insurance representative at 1-844-310-1578 to discuss your protection needs and help round out your planning!

The Public Health Agency of Canada still advises against travelling for non-essential reasons. If you are still planning to travel, make sure that you are fully aware of all requirements, before leaving.


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