Pros of travelling with your partner

Whether it’s relaxing at a couples’ resort in Costa Rica or snuggling up under the stars in the Finnish wilderness, travelling as a romantic couple is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the world. Below are some of the key findings and the impacts of travel on relationships, plus two ways a travel insurance plan may help love couples look out for each other during trips together.
Couples who travel together to special destinations have deeper satisfaction in their relationship. This is more true than for couples who don't travel together. Couples who take trips together report higher levels of romance, closeness, quality time, and communication than couples who don't. 86% reported greater romance, 94% greater closeness, 84% greater quality time, and 84% greater communication
Couples vacations have positive effects that can help love couples grow stronger and stay together long-term. Survey respondents cited sharing new experiences (79%), taking a break from normal routines (78%) as well as talking and reconnecting (72%) as some of the benefits of couples vacations for their relationship.

There is a positive correlation between high relationship satisfaction and using travel to improve romance. Survey results showed that 65% of respondents were very satisfied with their relationships. They also believed that taking romantic trips together is important for sparking romance. Additionally, 77% of respondents who go on couples’ getaways reported having a good sex life, 14% more than couples who do not travel together.

As couples consider the advantages of travelling together, they also need to plan for what they would do if one or the other person got sick or injured before or during their trip together. Since the romantic couple’s travel experience will be a shared one, it’s even more important to protect themselves and their investment with help from a good travel insurance plan.

Trying new cuisine, learning about a new culture, and attempting to speak a new language are just a few ways to gain new experiences through travelling. These are great opportunities to grow, learn as a couple, and take your new worldly wisdom home. It’s also a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try out something you would typically not do in your daily routine.

Once you’ve returned home, try hosting a dinner party with your favourite Japanese dish you tasted during your trip, commit to learning the language of the country you visited, and decorate your house with that souvenir your bought.

The benefits of travelling with your partner include creating memories that will last you forever. Meeting new people, discovering new cultures and languages are great ways to build positive memories. Consider keeping a journal of your travel experiences, you’ll enjoy revisiting these moment with your loved one, kids, and grandkids during your golden years. 
Valuable emergency protection is available for two adults travelling together and insured on one policy. For example, an annual medical plan can offer romantic couples an easy, convenient and safe way to help complete their couples’ bucket list. Because coverage applies to an unlimited number of trips, subject to a maximum trip length limit, within a policy year, love couples can enjoy travelling together over and over again during couples’ getaways within that time.

A closer look at the wording in travel insurance policies may reveal that many travel protection benefits apply to an insured  travelling companion in addition to the primary traveller named on the policy. For example if one or the other person in the romantic couple gets sick or injured during a couples’ vacation, benefits can help cover expenses the other traveller incurs such as meals and commercial accommodations, return transportation, and more.

Please note that travel insurance does not cover everything.  For full details on these and other benefits, please refer to the terms and conditions of the selected policy.

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