5 golden tips for senior solo travel

Being a solo senior is not what it used to be! Confident, vibrant single seniors are travelling the world and having a great time doing it. Being on your own allows the freedom to travel wherever, and whenever, you choose. In fact, the benefits of solo senior travel are many and whether you are a senior woman or man travelling alone, your golden years await and they are filled with adventure.
Unsure of where to start? Single senior travel tours are a good option if you don’t want to head out completely alone and are looking to make new friends. These tours will offer lots of support - you can get a full, all-inclusive package that will manage all of your day-to-day needs, or something a bit less structured where you have more options and open days to fill with activities of your choosing.
Vacation for singles over 60 are meant to be relaxing. Unless you want to cycle through the Pyrenees or hike the Inca Trail, most solo seniors are looking for travel that is stimulating but not overwhelming. A city is a good place to start, particularly one where the local language won’t be a huge barrier (and don’t be afraid to dust off that high school French!) Once you get in to the swing of senior solo travel it will be easier to move outside of a city to more rural or exotic destinations.
Yes, going with a tour group is the more straightforward route but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Look for tours that specialize in unique culinary or cultural experiences. A river cruise down the Danube will offer a much different experience than a Mexican all-inclusive resort. Make a point of thinking through what you want from your trip - is it new experiences? Cultural diversity? Let your heart be your guide and do something that has only been a dream until now.
Once you know what you’re looking for, invest some time in research, so you know exactly what you’re getting. While a neighbour may have had a tremendous time on their state capital bus tour through New England that may not be the right trip for you. There are numerous websites dedicated to single senior travel tours. Internet not your thing? Find a resourceful travel agent who specializes in senior solo travel to get you on your way.

No matter where senior solo travel takes you, a few standard must-dos apply. Educate yourself about some travel best practices, like what travel shoes to packwhat kind of travel insurance to buy, and how you want to remember travel experiences (think journal versus camera). By taking the time to be properly prepared, you’ll be able to revel in your golden travel years.


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