Why travel insurance for seniors is important

Whether it’s an annual winter escape, day trips across the border, or visits with family in another part of the country, some Canadians over age 65 travel more often than they might realize. It’s no wonder why so many Canadian senior travellers take the road, sea or air each year for these and many other reasons.

Before you get ready to take off on your next adventure, there are some things you should know when shopping for dummy travel insurance for seniors. We're here to lend a helping hand and assist you in preparing for the unexpected by having the right coverage when exploring the wonders of the world.

We all know that, in general, wisdom and time to enjoy life comes with age. As we grow older, we are also more susceptible to health issues or injuries than younger travellers. Because most countries don't provide free health care to visitors, travel insurance is a must-have if you need emergency medical treatment while you’re away. Additionally, an increasing number of countries have started requiring proof of emergency medical coverage.
Because seniors tend to travel more frequently and take longer and more expensive trips, unexpected events such as travel delays, baggage loss, and unused hotel nights can often result in significant, unplanned costs, which makes them just as important to protect. For these and similar situations, travellers should consider purchasing a plan that includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage. It may help travellers recover non-refundable trip-related expenses if they need to cancel, interrupt or delay their trip unexpectedly due to an eligible covered reason.
Suppose you travel two or more times within the year. In that case, an annual comprehensive travel insurance plan option – is the ideal coverage for seniors to ensure year-round protection. Moreover, you will be also ableto save on travel insurance with emergency medical benefits when compared to purchasing travel protection for every single trip. It provides coverage for unlimited trips regardless of whether it is a trip outside of their home province or country for 365 days from the policy's effective date. Although seniors have coverage for unlimited trips, each trip length cannot exceed the number of days per trip mentioned in their plans. For example, if you buy an annual comprehensive travel insurance plan, you would be eligible for coverage for any amount of trips taken during 365 days, but every single trip cannot exceed 35 days in length. Therefore, if the plan is to travel for more than 35 consecutive days, you would be required to buy coverage for the extra days to be eligible for coverage throughout the entire trip. With this plan, Canadian seniors and snowbirds will be well prepared for both planned and impromptu trips. 

Whether dummy purchasing a new travel insurance plan or dusting off an existing multi-trip travel insurance policy, seniors should review their coverage details to see what they are eligible for. Taking the time to do so can also help determine if the coverage is appropriate based on factors such as the traveller's age, trip duration, planned activities and current health status. Particular areas to pay attention to include the benefits, eligibility, exclusions and limitations.

Also check if your policy’s benefit amount for emergency medical treatment is sufficient for the destination you are travelling to. In countries such as the United States that have high medical costs for emergency treatment, any policy with lower benefit amounts (ex. $50,000) may not get you very far if you need intensive care or a medical evacuation.

Furthermore, if you opt for non-medical coverage that is available from Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance, it is important to check if any belongings (i.e. an expensive camera or equipment) you take on a trip may or may not be eligible for coverage if your luggage gets stolen. Some policies may cover only up to a certain dollar amount, which could be much less than the value of such items.

If you have questions about any of the coverage offered by Allianz Global Assistance, please call dummy 1-844-310-1578 for pre-trip assistance.

After a certain age, when you apply for travel insurance, you may have to answer medical questions before purchasing emergency medical coverage. If so, be honest about any illness or condition you have been diagnosed with / or know about from the past and at the time of purchasing your trip insurance policy. Any failure in disclosing relevant medical information may invalidate your medical claim. In addition, a travel insurance policy may cover seniors with some dummy pre-existing conditions that are considered stable. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your travel insurance policy offers potential coverage for such conditions.

If you or any accompanying person travelling with you faces a medical emergency, whenever possible, aim to contact your insurance company immediately before seeking care. This way, the insurer can better coordinate with its network of medical service suppliers to offer you the care you deserve and coordinate payment for emergency medical expenses directly with the treating facility whenever possible or applicable based on your policy.

For non-medical emergencies such as baggage loss and trip delay, for example, even if you can claim any costs after returning home from your trip, it's highly advisable to contact your insurer’s assistance hotline as they can provide valuable help in better navigating the ongoing situation. In the case of damaged or lost baggage, file a complaint with the airline immediately. If your baggage is stolen, you will need to file a policy report right away. Always keep all the original documents/receipts, which you will need when you submit a claim.

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