Snowbirds flying down south

Like the Great Blue Heron of Southern Canada, every year Canadian seniors, or Snowbirds, set their sights on warmer weather before the frigid winter months roll in. And who can blame them? With average winter temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius, it isn’t about instinct, it’s a necessity.  

So, if you’re one of these wise migratory travellers, you probably already know that preparation for the journey is key. Get a head start on your extended trip by following these three tips.

When it comes to any type of international travel, it’s a good idea to double check how long you can visit another country without running into any issues. The last thing you want is for your relaxing vacation to be interrupted because you’ve overstayed your welcome.

For example, if you want to soak up the sun on the shores of Key West, Florida or you want to enjoy never-ending rounds of golf in Tucson, Arizona--you can stay in the United States for up to 182 days as a visitor. Any longer than that, and you’ll have to pay income tax. 

If the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, or the all-inclusive resorts in Quintana Roo are more your taste, then you can rest assured knowing that after you obtain a visitor’s visa, you can stay for up to six months in Mexico.

Wherever you go, it’s also important to check your provincial health insurance coverage as well, before deciding to stay for an extended period outside of Canada. Depending on your territory and province, staying away too long can result in losing your health card privileges.

Anyone on a fixed income may know that staying on budget may not afford you the opportunity of an exotic vacation. But if you want to be adventurous while also remaining fiscally responsible, the Canadian dollar can go a long way if you choose the right destination.

With rising costs across the globe, it’s hard to imagine not spending at least a bit more than in years’ past. But there are several tropical destinations that offer an exceptional exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar.

Destinations like Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica are favourites for Snowbirds because of their exceptional natural beauty, white sand beaches, and delicious cuisines. So, if you’re planning on getting more bang for your buck, these countries are an inexpensive option for your next long-term getaway. 

While no one ever plans on an interruption, things can happen that are out of your control. Especially if you’re older, and there’s a greater risk if you or your travel companion has pre-existing medical conditions.

Before you travel anywhere for an extended period, it’s probably best to undergo a pre-trip medical check. This simple step may give you some extra assurance knowing you are physically and mentally fit to go off and explore all the world has to offer. 

And because many countries don’t offer free medical coverage, it’s also smart to purchase travel insurance for your trip. A comprehensive travel insurance plan from Allianz Partners provides you with exceptional benefits such as—Emergency Medical, Transportation, Baggage Loss & Delay, and 24-hour Assistance around the world. 

This small purchase can provide huge savings and protection that give you the peace of mind you need, before flying south this Winter.

To explore other great benefits under the Medical + Cancellation Plan, or to find more articles to help you better plan your trip, visit us online.

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